Timeout: 8 Bite-Sized Comfort Foods. And More.

Timeout: 8 Bite-Sized Comfort Foods. And More.

1. Can you tell I’m in food mode? Spent all of yesterday trying to come up with a plan to clean up my eating act. And since I’ll be trying to stay away from bingeing on meals that are ‘so bad for me’ blah blah, these tiny foods are speaking to me.

2. HEY. Don’t know if I can execute it but am ready for someone to perform this heart manicure on me.  I’d do just one nail though.

3. I think I’ll be making this soon (or trying at least).

4. I’m a mascara fan and these mascara mistakes seem to be of value to me. Yes.

5. Some pretty kickass pictures of stuff from Kurt Cobain’s personal archive that are going up in an exhibit.


  1. The comfort foooods are sooo good and loved the mascara mistakes too

  2. Typical girl awwwww for the heart manicure 😀

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