The Haircut I Want

The Haircut I Want


You guys. I want a haircut. And a drastic one.

So I’ve had long hair since forever. Always very safe, very comfortable but something I’ve had no complaints about because I love long hair. Plus I have a round face so I feel it helps balance stuff out.

But since a couple of months, I’ve been wanting a shorter style. My long term goal will always be to grow it out and have a longer length because that’s my absolute favorite. But if I don’t try this shorter cut now then how will I tell my non-existent kids that I led a meaningful life? I was waiting for the shadis to get over and now that they are, I’m ready. I’m feeling it in my blood.

My compelling reasons are:
1. I want a change.
2. If not now, when? (also the name of one of my favorite Incubus albums)
3. If it’s a disaster or I hate it, it will grow out and I’ll be back to sexy (nice joke) in a couple of months.
4. How else would I be able to say, “Oh my god, do you remember that time I went THAT short?”
5. Excitement and thrill.

Sounds good? These are the looks I’m seriously lusting for. I definitely want length below my collar-bone, and not any shorter than that. Basically till my armpit (I’m really getting more desirable by the day with these descriptions). Tell me your thoughts.

Want exactly this hair. Also, her body and face, thanks.
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What a beauty.
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I look like an idiot in bangs otherwise this is the dream, with some extra length of course. Also, sunglasses.
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Should I do it? Tell me. Also, where-to-get-haircut suggestions are super welcome.


  1. GIRL LOB THAT ISH, i cut my hair before going to the US because NEW PLACE NEW FACE…and it is awesome. Is the last one Alexa Chung? IZ FABULUS

  2. I got haircut after3 years because i need some change i love long hairs but still need sum gudd changee i set d phrase myself apni kehti hain phir ajaiegi lol well in karachi d best hair saloon is rashid he did nice job with my hairs my hairs is still long n i looks so different nw my personality is bit changed now n im happy changes is guddd.I suggested you the lastone u look more good in this haircut
    best of luck

  3. Ummm.. Do you think all these haircuts just have short length and messy setting nothing else? Or it's just me ?

    1. Author

      Hehe yes but with dimension at the bottom so it doesn't look flat. Haircuts can't have much rocket science anyway 😛

  4. I've always wanted an angled bob but it won't work on my curly hair because I'm too lazy to style it everyday. So I play it safe with long hair too. Diana's Beauty Castle in JLT is fab for hair makeovers, check her Facebook page for before and after client photos.

    1. Author

      YES styling! If I go with this, I'm prepared to style much much more frequently. Shauk is shauk and I need to indulge it :$ Will you please give me the link to that FB page? Never heard of it and can't find it in the lame search I just did.

  5. Go with the PERFECT LENGTH one. And I'm sure you'll rock it.
    – Hareem

  6. GO FOR IT! I just cut my hair super short 6 months ago,till my jawline in an angled lob and surprisingly it really suited my round chubby face. It used to be about your length. And then I got highlights and lowlights for the first time ever! It was my 30th birthday gift to myself and although I hated it for two weeks I've grown to love it and love myself for experimenting. I am now growing out the haircut but the best thing about my haircut (similar to the one you're going for) is that it looks great even while being grown out. So good luck!

    1. Author

      Wow. I could never go till my jawline, I'd be too scared. I'm thinking coloring is the gamechanger as well but I don't color my hair anymore at all so let's see what happens with that. EXCITED 😀

  7. Gooooooo for it please. You'll look great. You'll regret it for sure for a day or two but you'll get over it. As u said it'll eventually grow…so nothing to lose here. 😀
    I personally live the third one.


    1. Author

      That's SO TRUE. I WILL regret it initially but I'll definitely get over it 😀 Such a good tip.

  8. whatever you style to go for some safe plays are: 1. dont get bangs (because they take time to grow up in case if the hairdresser messes them up or if the bangs decide to not be friends with you) 2. Opt for a style that can be gathered at least in a pony tail. I keep these two options in mind and I have always varied my lengths from long to super shortttt and always get away nicely even with the most horrible haircuts 😀

    Good luckk !!

    1. Author

      That's such great advice. No.2 should definitely be a consideration. And I've sworn off bangs cos I had a disaster once so can't do it again :O

  9. LahoriRocks: None other but the first one ONLY , Hope will suit better. compelling reasons are very Solid. Go Ahead.

  10. you should do the 2nd one :p not too long not too short. it ll give you the change you need without compromising on the length. i went really short once and i absolutely loved it! mine was really short though it was an angled bob but i enjoyed every bit of it! i wanna do that again someday! ?

  11. Go for the last one. It'll look super chic on you as you are a brunette and will suit your face cut too.I went very for a bold and shirt cut back in November and it changed me as a person I know it sounds funny but it did happen I was happy and felt free :p I got mine done from Karachi there is this very experimental hairstylist and I loveddddd it *.* what's life without adventure eh? Go for it you'll love it

  12. Would look amazing on you! You get it and then maybe I will convince myself to get it too. My hair is no where as thick as yours but Shauk is Shauk like you said 😀

  13. Omg! I pinned most of these last night. Lets see what I end up with this weekend. I've been growing out my inverted bob for a year now. Before that I had long hair for the first time, pretty layers. I do miss that.

  14. Go for it!! I chopped off 7 inches 2 weeks ago and i feel fab! I have wavy/curly hair and a round face so i always thought short hair is not my thing but it looks sooo good, i've been getting compliments by those who can see (im a hijabi)

    Will snapchat you a picture today 😀

  15. Yes! Yes! Yes! Do it! Change is good and it's hair anyway. It'll grow back, like you said and there are always extensions if you need them. Go for something like Emma Stone rocks (just google Emma Stone hair). I think it would look so good on you! Someone above mentioned a lob, that the vibe!

    – Mahnoor

  16. I would say don't go for blunt, dlightly angled eould look awesome on you ( the one which are shoulder lenght from front and neck lenght at back) and colour your hair in Ombre
    you'll rock that look!

  17. Check out Jawed Habib for a haircut.
    It's nothing too fancy, but I have tried a LOT of places over my 20+ years here in Dubai, and I always end up going back to them. The cut grows out really nice even a few weeks/months in, and that's what I find more comforting than the actual cut.

    A lot of people also recommend Juice Hair Salon. I went to them, but I feel like they didn't get rid of my split ends, or maybe I was too fussy about not losing length.

    Good luck!

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