Style For Dummies: Red Shoes

Style For Dummies: Red Shoes

Hey guys. So three things:

1. Bringing these style posts back with a bit of experimentation. I’m going to be trying out ‘locations’, so to say, a little, so will you tell me if you like this new ‘look’? You know, I thrive on positively-biased feedback so please tell me you do?

2. These are the red shoes from Chapter 13 that I asked styling ideas for. Can I just tell you how amazing is it to get someone’s input on something you’re having a mental block on? There were so many great ideas, I did a mix of a few that I really loved and here’s what I came up with. Tell me your thoughts?

3. I’ve gained all the weight back that I lost a few months ago and my girlfriend jeans (supposed to be loose) are now skinnies. Shameless LOL.

All outfit details below following picture.

Shirt: Pimkie / Jeans: Gap / Bag: Aldo / Shoes: Chapter 13 / Ring: / MoCoLa /  Bangles: Forever 21 / Lipcolor: MAC Diva / Nailcolor: Maybelline Color Show in Blackout 677.

Until next time.


  1. OH MANNNN. I absolutely love love love this look. The stripes are so unexpected with these shoes. I also am pleased that you applied 25% of the idea I gave you for its styling 😛

  2. looking great! love the total look completely! wouldn't change a thng!

  3. I love your new 'location' 😉

  4. I don't do well with change! lol
    Some of the shots I love, mainly the shoes pics in which there is minimal distraction (only the rug is visible). I'm afraid miss the clean crisp white background. 🙁 This looks a little too busy…and crammed (?).

    1. Author

      Feedback duly noted. I have a couple more things to experiment out so tell me about those too when I do them 😀

  5. I like the background to pictures. Context is good.

  6. i will come to your home,will steal your shoes, jewelry and you and will run faaarrr away.

  7. Oh my god LOVE EET <3 I swear you feed my shoe addiction like no other 😀

  8. Haseen but I liked the old background better.

    – Mahnoor

    1. Author

      Ok trying out a couple more backgrounds soon, so give me your verdict on those too 😀

  9. Need your hair routine – they are perfect in every picture

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