Our 2016 Goals

Our 2016 Goals

I mentioned a few days ago that N and I have been working on our 2016 goals. We talked one point while getting a milkshake, another while on a drive, and slowly over the last one month developed a tiny list of stuff that we’d love to accomplish this year. Nothing stellar, just things that we’ll enjoy. Stuff that feels achievable and that we’ll be naturally drawn towards doing and not feel like someone gave us summer homework (what a nightmare that used to be).

We’re keeping it as a work in progress. So if somewhere along the way, we happen to discover something that we really want to add to it, we’ll do that. Until then, here’s that tiny list that’s making us happy.

1. Perfect one food item. Both of us don’t know jack about cooking. Sure, we won’t die if there’s no takeout or anyone to make food for us, but I’d be embarrassed to feed anyone other than N, and likewise for him. But this year I really want to focus on perfecting one food item. We both talked on what we’d like to pick, I decided I’m going to learn the art of making the perfect steak and N chose eggs benedict. I’m really excited about our choices, especially because this is non-pretentious stuff we can end up making and enjoying frequently – don’t see that happening with something like salmon carpaccio, if you know what I mean.
2. Try something new every month. Anything goes. An activity we haven’t tried before. A documentary. A restaurant. Something we never wear. Picking something specific would have just felt like heartburn after a while, so we’ve kept the scope super large on this one.
3. See one new place.  A new country. Or city. Or even a village. Just a new place we haven’t been to before.
4. One really great picture of us. We take a lot of pictures together BUT I want that one really great picture of the both of us. I don’t know when that’s going to happen. Perhaps I’ll go with a professional. Or take it ourselves on the couch one day. No one knows how it’s going to happen, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN.

5. Hajj. Going to try our best to do this. There are some personal reasons, that we already are aware of, because of which this may not happen but we’re going to give it our best shot. Pray for us, pleez. (If you didn’t already know, Hajj is the annual Muslim pilgrimage that’s mandatory for the able at least once in life).
Did you guys plan out anything? Most of us have stuff floating in our heads but I highly recommend writing it down. Just pumps up the probability of the stuff actually happening. Will keep you guys updated on how I’m doing on these, yus.

Have a great year, you guys.


  1. If you need help in the cooking department let me know. I love to cook! These goals are so cool, I have some of own ones like travelling more and being a better daughter because my parents have had it till here with all my shenanigans(nothing too major just help out at home etc) 😛

  2. Wow ! That definitely sounds like an achievable plan. And I really like the idea of making a list together. I am going to copy this and do it myself.
    Here is to hoping and praying that you get to perform Hajj. 🙂
    All the best for learning to cook. That sounds like a tough job. 😛

    1. Author

      Yes, cooking seems doable yet not so doable 😛 My guess is we'll practicing around October? 😛

  3. What about a baby bump in 2016 ; )

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