N’s Birthday Surprise

N’s Birthday Surprise

So N’s birthday was yesterday but I took him for a tiny surprise last Saturday.

I’d already blocked time on his calendar (just so he wouldn’t do something stupid like schedule something else and ruin our lives) at noon for an unidentified activity. So he knew when he was wanted but didn’t know what it was.

So Saturday morning we stepped out.
He kept swinging between being excited and being a bit of a mess because of the unknown future. I enjoyed both phases.
After about a 20 minute drive and some back-to-back Coldplay in the car, we got to a hotel, took an elevator to the 45th floor and that’s when he knew what the surprise was.
We had come to the Emirates Grand Hotel Spa.
And it was one gorgeous place. Very old Hollywood glam stuff.
For how luxe it felt, you’ll be surprised by the prices (right at the very end).
After the warmest welcome and some delicious detox water (have you guys tried orange? I never knew!)….
…they told us they were ready and after a short walk, took us to a room for…
Now a couples massage is something that N had been asking for since MONTHS now but sometimes life would get in the way, then our laziness, then life again. I knew he wanted it and so I can promise you, I was more excited than him to do this.
Plus the spa was like a hot fudge cookie in the form of a building. So.
We got into these guys.
And took a picture to mark the occasion while our massage therapists probably stood on the side and wondered what went wrong in our lives to become those people who take pictures in a massage room (just kidding, they were very nice). 

Disclaimer: I’m going to use a lot of caps at this point. You guys, the massage was AH-MAY-ZING. We chose the medium pressure massage and it was JUST right. The room was so nice, the temperature was perfect, the music was great, it was SO relaxing. MAN. They spent the perfect amount of time on each area and I can’t speak for N, but my therapist introduced me to muscles I had no idea I had.   
After a very, VERY indulgent one hour, they told us we could use the shower in the room (you can totally skip this step, if you want). I immediately said yes, especially because it came with steam and that wasn’t something I was going to miss. I mean look at that. Without the tiniest bit of exaggeration, the steam shower post massage felt like a reincarnation. I haven’t felt this fresh in a long time. SO good.
Got dressed, had some tea and achieved nirvana. No joke.
And then to turn our hearts into giant, sloppy messes, they gave N a birthday cake. I MEAN, WHAT! It was so sweet, man. They even gave us candles. I was floored.
Because I loved the entire experience, I took a tiny tour of the spa and got some pictures to give you an even better feel of the place.
One of the many individual massage rooms.
Each comes with a restroom and shower.
The foot treatment area with the most spectacular view.
I’m SO ready to go back.

Where: Emirates Grand Hotel, Dubai
Treatment we took: Couples Massage (medium pressure)
Cost: AED 550 (same room), AED 650 (separate rooms) Full price list here.
Massage Therapists: Kamalia (mine), Jennifer (N). Both really good.
You can request a male/female combination as well.
And for those not on Snapchat, I put the whole thing here.
Thanks for coming along, boys.
The experience was hosted by the Emirates Grand Hotel Spa but all opinions are MINE because I like my opinions.


  1. I was waiting for this post! Loved ittttttttt

  2. omg you are making me crave a massage soooo bad! ive heard good things about this spa and the prices are actually quite reasonable. thanks for sharing!

  3. Ill read anything you write 😛 Pls write about something really boring I want to see if I can read that too 😀 😀 😀

  4. You have a beautiful marriage. Mashallah.

    – Mahnoor

  5. You guys are super cool couple 😀

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