My Most Favorite Piece Of Jewelery

My Most Favorite Piece Of Jewelery

A couple of weekends ago, I had just come back home from a lunch date and was casually hanging out in my living room. I took these earrings off and had just put them on the side table next to me when I suddenly realized: these guys had been with me since the last 15 years. Whoa.

I’ve never been into real jewelry and don’t own a single piece that would get me more than a bag of popcorn at the movies. Even my wedding jewelery was not the real thing (no love for real stuff + paying for my own wedding = fake shit that looks good). BUT I’m into the non-real kind pretty obsessively and it’s something that cannabalises my wardrobe like a mother (who remembers this?). Silver jewelery, in particular, makes me drop my morals the fastest, and these earrings, I actually have a relationship with.

They’ve gone with me through college, then university (with all the terrible, I’ll-deny-them-if-I-ever-see-them-again, what-was-I-thinking crushes). They moved with me to Karachi with my limited belongings when I switched cities for work. And eventually got packed into the really tiny shipment of stuff I made for Dubai when I moved in with N. They’ve lived in three cities, traveled so much of the world (I actually thought I’d dropped one of them in Nepal and was pretty bummed out for a couple of days), seen so much (life’s been embarrassing) and somehow feel age-appropriate for any time (I’m going to wear them when I’m 60 and no one can stop me).

I don’t remember which one of my sisters they originally belonged to or when exactly they came into my life but I do remember casually stealing them once upon a time and they’ve been with me since. They’re my most worn pieces (hoops don’t count) and each time I wear them, I immediately lose all humility and conveniently imagine myself to be ‘killing it’ on multiple levels.

They’re not even real silver so they must be what, about a 100 bucks? But they have such high value for me for all the history we’ve shared together. (And that’s the most sentimental I’ll ever be for an item that wasn’t food).

What’s your most favorite jewelery piece? Tell me before it’s too late.


  1. I've seen you wearing these on snapchat and have often wondered how pretty they are. nice to meet you, dear earrings 😛

  2. You're one hilarious person!
    I'm not sure about my one fave piece. But I've turned anti real thing too especially when my own is locked and I'm living somewhere else and Pakistan's 'not very secure' to use it. it's more of a guilt whenever I think about it now that my parents have used their lifetimes savings over it and it sits in lockers.:/

    1. Author

      I know, most of my friends say the same has happened with them. The upside is you could always pass it down so after two generations it becomes a heritage piece 😛

  3. wow I have yet to own items I can be this attached to because I dont have a lot of stuff but these earrings are very pretty. Totally the white kurta-red lipstick-khussa type of earring I would go for if that made sense 😀

  4. My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring made of silver. Someone got it for my dadi from India and I stole it from her :p It's huge and very regal looking.

    1. Author

      My brain is majorly orgasming right now. Snap me a picture or something? 😛

  5. i love that you paid for your own wedding and love that your favourite earrings aren't real silver. thank you for being a style blogger who does more than just push brands, most of which are out of the reach of your readers.

  6. Long long ago I bought myself a bracelet with tiny dangling stars on it. Must have been like 5 dirhams back in the late 80's. Loved it so much that I used to wear it all the time. It started to change colour and a few of the stars fell off. I kept that bracelet with me for the next decade or so till such time I earned my first money and I had the same thing made in gold. Even though it's sitting in my locker and I haven't worn it in a long time… I still think of it as my all time favourite piece. Btw, your wedding jewellery was ah-mazing! I wish I had had access to such pretty stuff when I was getting married. Could've saved both sides a ton!

    1. Author

      Love the bracelet story <3 I'm a sucker for long drawn out history 😛

  7. Wearing Allah wala pendant since grade 5..and now I am 27..:)

  8. They're so pretty!

    – Mahnoor

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