I saw this girl at the cinema last night and she’d done her eyes in two different colors on the top and bottom. They looked so great, I immediately did it on myself today and quite liked it for how simple and easy it was. We watched Deadpool last night with friends (SO good) and going to watch Neerja today (can’t tolerate Sonam but I have a thing for plane movies plus I need some Bollywood). I’m also hoping to go to a used book fair in Sharjah either today or tomorrow and then relax at home with N for the rest of the weekend.

This week’s uniform. Denim on denim on repeat.

Getting my reading done like a boss these days. Also, don’t miss my awesome watch from Aeropostale.

Weekend nails.

My sister, a hard-core product recommender, has started a page called What’s Happening In Your City for news/updates on various things. She’ll be doing all cities across Pakistan (and maybe even outside, nobody knows what will happen because she’s out of control really). So far she’s posted about food, cosmetics, gyms, salons, clothes, furniture, and pretty much everything else. Please follow her if you like me. She’s on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. Your eyes look great! Will try this trick on myself tomorrow.
    – Hareem

  2. what is on them weekend nails? me likey.

    also used book fair sounds heavenly, went with a friend to Karachi University's book fair and blew a 1000 bucks on 10 books because why not.

    Also Deadpool was a BLAST, havent had this much fun watching a superhero movie in a long time. I want to see Neerja but it's not playing here 🙁

    1. Author

      The book fair was a dud lol. But we still enjoyed looking at the books. Deadpool was waqai a blast, Neerja was also super well made.

    1. Author

      Waqai. As soon as it got serious, she became tolerable! I was worried for a bit in the beginning when she was all happy and chirpy but thank god that was over soon.

  3. Oyee hoyeee you are coming to buhaira(that's sooo near my home)
    You are always welcome to come visit my place..

  4. Neerja was good! Hope you will like it and loving your nail colour!

    Love from India 🙂

    1. Author

      HEYYY. Frantic wave from across the border! Neerja was really well-made, had a great time. (Y)

  5. Omg! Where is this Book Fair thing happening exactly?
    Also wanting to watch Neerja ; Sonam is really intolerable but dude none can carry the way she carries herself in every freaking thing she puts on :O ( maybe just way too admired of her fashion style ).


    1. Author

      Well, I didn't tell you where the bookfair was, BUT it wasn't worth a trip. And I love Sonam's style too – actually I used to – but somehow that feeling's left my heart too :/

  6. Hey what nailpolish is this?also how do you maintain you nails always cuticle free and neat?

  7. Love the nail color and the eyes
    My my dww

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