N’s birthday is early next week but I plan on doing some casual stuff this weekend because….weekend. Other than generally being super nice to him for the next few days, I’ve planned a tiny surprise for him tomorrow afternoon. He knows I’ll take him somewhere but he doesn’t know what it is. So I’m naturally really excited for tomorrow and to see his reaction, especially since I know it’s something he wants (YASS). Obviously I’ll put it all on Snapchat because privacy means nothing to me. JK, I’ll censor the dirty bits….Okay there are no dirty bits, but let’s pretend there will be, to create some sensationalism. (Top: Aeropostale, Lipcolor: Sweet Touch 904, Nailcolor: Maybelline Color Show Blackout 677) 

Dark, moody and beautiful Dubai this week.

Randomly walked into Home Center after a weekday dinner date a few days ago and saw this super cute side table that we immediately bought because we’d been looking for a chic one since a year. Assembled it last night (showed the full on snapchat yesterday: shehzeen-r) and will show on the blog soon with the living room reveal in a few days, yay.

Was picking up some stuff at Sephora for my eldest sister this week (beauty blenders, to be specific) and saw these ingenious bottles while walking out. Kickass design, color and man, the name is “this is not a blue bottle”. If I had to come up with a perfume, that would be the design and that would be the name, It’s unisex, if anyone’s interested. Husband, if you’re reading this, you are free to purchase this as a surprise, thank you.

Have a plan this afternoon for an outdoor lunch with friends and this is my chill-out gear: something to get lazy on, potential game ammo, N’s comic and the book I started last night.

Have agreat weekend, you guys.


  1. Hi wonderwomann..need your serious support in helping me find the polka dots shirt you have…plzzzz

  2. You look veryyy pyarii..I just gave birth n I have a bulging tummy coz of cesarean..suggest me what sort of tips should I wear (colours too) tht will make me look slim lol

    1. Author

      I have quite a bit of a tummy too these days. I try to wear loose, boho tops and they actually manage to work really well. Congratulations on the baby!

  3. Okay. I love your top, love those blue bottles and love that dialer phone.

    Also I love that old raw table that is hiding in your lounge ubi tak jisper you often photograph your stuff.
    Can't wait to see it.❤

  4. Beauty of a shirtttt. Wow. Love the yellow phoneee and the blue bottles are just tooo goood

  5. This dark blue color looks GORGEOUS on you.

    – Mahnoor

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