Hard to believe that we’ve been back in Dubai for only about a week. Things have been moving so fast and the weekend’s already here. I’ve been enjoying being back at home and lining up work for the months to come. I picked up some amazing projects this week that I’m really excited to be working on. This weekend, I plan on doing some dull chores with N and watch a couple of movies because we’ve been SO off our movie game. Saw The Dark Knight last night with pizza and chips and coke and ice cream and it was THE BEST. Also, that right there, is my favorite Ruffles flavor, boys.

We saw the most incredible desert/sand dunes (?) on our way back to Dubai from Pakistan, earlier this week. It was just about 10 mins short of landing into Dubai and really breaktaking. Somehow I’ve always flown back at night it seems because I’ve never seen that beauty before. Nature’s incredible.

The coolest thing the brother and wife got for me from their honeymoon in Tanzania that I just pulled out. I think it’s going on my coffee table.

Attended a menu tasting at Big Chefs a couple of nights ago. I took a friend with me and it was lots of fun because we ate SO MUCH. The food was decent but the desserts really killed it for me. These baked marshmallows had gooey chocolate inside with ice-cream and it was the stuff of dreams. Not a huge fan of marshmallows but loved it like anything and definitely going back for more soon (with coffee, oh man). There were a couple of things I loved from the savory items as well, so while typing this I’ve decided that I’ll do a separate post on that soon.

The sweetest girl got in touch with me about her new business called Karigiri and sent me these shoes. There are few people who you actually grow a fondness for during a business transaction and she was one of them (kindness is my kryptonite). I love the shoes she sent but after checking out her profile, I love these ones even more and I think you guys need to get your hands on them. Sizing was perfect – I asked for a 7.5 and it fit like a glove. I tried them out for a full day, a couple of days ago, and they’re comfortable and very well-made, so go for it.

Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. These posts are honestly the best way to start the weekend 🙂

  2. The dessert looks BEYOND. Want to have it now 🙁

  3. A random interesting thing that happened. While i was flying to Kuala Lumpur for holidays, we had a transit at Dubai for like 6 hours. Kher it was around 1 or 2pm when we landed at Dubai and saw these exactly same dunessss and it left me awestruck. I mean just look at it, it looks so khubsurat <3

    Also while I follow you and watch your snaps, my husband has grown fond of your snaps too 😀 he is always inquiring about your snaps and watches them with me ^_^ and while we were flying over Dubai he kept asking me to make wild guesses to locate your home 😀 😀

    1. Author

      Are you guys the cutest? FOR SURE. I love you already 😀 And what a coincidence. (Y)

  4. like your blogs, but Some people live to eat; others eat to live! try to avoid show off worldly stuff so much. thanks

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