My 10 Favorite Instagram Accounts

My 10 Favorite Instagram Accounts

I love Instagram. It’s such a visual detox to step out of everyday life for a bit and see images that are  imaginative, purposeful and inspirational. I love following people who have personality and from whom you can learn something and grow your mind. And then some just for eyecandy.

Here are my 10 favorite Instagram accounts that do just that. Clicking on each insta handle will take you to that profile.

1. Casulo
Her insta feed is SO beautiful. Spend ten minutes on her profile and I can bet you’ll come out feeling like you got done with some kind of meditation nature camp. Casulo is a macramé goods brand by Ana Morais and everything she makes is stunning.
Instagram: @ana_morais

2. Carley Summers
Her home is what my home will look like one day (suuuure). Her interiors are absolute magic. Virtual teabags for your eyes.
Instagram: @carlaypage

3. Abigail Ahern
Her aestheic is dark, moody and absolutely delicious. I love her home and I love her design collection (it’s got faux cacti, MAN). She makes you want to be invited to her place and/or gatecrash it and have a coffee on her couch. Also, non-pretentious personality (if I had her talent, I’d be ridiculously full of myself).
Instagram: @abigailahern

4. MyDomaine Australia

I love MyDomaine in general but I love following the aussie version because it feels less commercial somehow. The interiors are always kickass.

5. Jedidiah Jenkins

A travel writer saying the most profound things ever. I LOVE HIS MIND. Check out sample caption above and tell me if you don’t want to be his friend? Also, I’m buying his book as soon it comes out.
Instagram: @jedidiahjenkins

6. Piggy & Polly
French bulldog sisters living in Florida. If that doesn’t get you totally smitten, read caption above and DIE.

Instagram: @piggyandpolly

7. Julie Sarinana
One of the few style bloggers I actually love. There’s just too many of them out there, being over-the-top/trying-too-hard/wearing-stuff-that-makes-your-eyes-bleed/etc. I love her for her super casual style and the fact that you can look at what she wears and actually replicate in real life BECAUSE IT FEELS HUMAN.
Instagram: @sincerelyjules

8. Drew Ginsburg
Eye candy. Can kill for silver jewelery, plus I love her style.
Instagram: @dylanlex

9. The Eden Collective

Just found this account recently and being the ring slut that I am, I joined so fast I probably killed some of her followers in the stampede.
Instagram: @theedencollective

10. Humans of New York
I mean, who doesn’t love this account?
Instagram: @humansofny

Following any of these guys yourself or about to? TELL ME EVERYTHING.
Until next time.


  1. THESE ARE SO COOL! i barely follow lifestyle bloggers (that's mainly my sister) and now I have inspo, my insta feed is mostly food bloggers because I have a problem. I can however recommend @contemporaryartcurator (again all thanks to sis) for the most trippiest art work you'll ever see. Some of the paintings are just mindblowing and a breather to remind yourself that creating art is a noble pursuit.

    1. Author

      Much like for that account! Very unique. Also, if you love food people then check out inspiralized, I love her too.

    1. Author

      I hadn't! And I love the description cos I'm so not a fashion person really 😀 Thanks for sharing.

  2. My favorite has to be rupikaur_
    You should check her out if you haven't already.
    And ofcourse rantsofadesibride *wink wink*
    Going to follow the french bulldogs one right now!

    – Mahnoor

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