Wedding Clothes: All Details

Wedding Clothes: All Details

Before I start sharing the details for the clothes I wore at my brother’s wedding, I just want to talk about a few things:

1. I looked through possibly ever known designer in Lahore and their prices were not acceptable to me. Stuff with minor embellishment started at PKR 45k+. While I would easily pick that up if I was shopping for anyone else’s wedding, I wanted slightly heavier because it was a sibling’s. If you’re looking for less work, you can find designer stuff. If you want heavier, you’re going to have to dish out about 90k+.

2. I prefer ready-to-wear over going through the entire hassle yourself ANY DAY, but I just didn’t want to spend that kind of money on anything so I chose to make stuff myself. Some stuff that was in my reach was just not my type. (There’s a strange floral explosion happening with ALL designers, what’s that about? Not a flower kind of person so most options were off for me)

3. I didn’t explore any home/Facebook-based businesses, which may have offered much lower prices. Reasons: a) I didn’t have enough time to explore. 2) My body is not forgiving to every cut/fit and I always need great stitching to look acceptable. I had had a previous shitty experience with someone online who had rave reviews but just couldn’t deliver the right fit so I preferred to save time and heartbreak.

4. I was super busy at the events so really there are no full-length pictures. Whatever I had, I’ve posted them below.

Now let’s discuss?

The first event was the Barat + Mehndi = Shendi. There was no prior event on our side.

Bad lighting but let’s deal with it

Fabric: Al Fajar, Lahore (near the Jinnah flyover). This was actually leftover fabric from my own valima clothes that I got dyed.
Gota work: Barkat Ali in Liberty, Lahore
Stitching: Timpiy in Lahore (0302-8440274)
Shoes: You can’t see them but they were from Nine West, and I got them years ago.
Jewelery: Al Nasir in Liberty (in the galis behind Khussa Mahal). Rings were my sister’s and from Turkey

Makeup: Nabila’s Karachi. It looked good at the salon but mostly came off by the time I got home from the salon so I wouldn’t go back. Also, I changed a number of things: touched up my eyeliner, changed my lipcolor, applied highlighter all over my face, added blush. So basically, quite the disaster. Also, I paid for Bushra, who charges the highest but they had overbooked her like crazy so I ended up getting it from someone else.
Hair: Nabila’s Karachi. I’m not even going to bother here. I don’t like negativity on the blog so I’m just going to say that I wasn’t happy and washed my hair once I got home. I have a lot of hair and somehow their hairstyle made me look like I had 1/3rd of that (plus they don’t know how to do waves). Also had no time left eventually so straightened my hair myself and which is why I had such boring hair at the barat, HAW.
Lipstick: MAC Rebel + Bourjois Rouge Edition Fu(n)chsia
Nailcolor: Maybelline Color Show in Blackout 677
I do my hair and makeup for other people’s weddings myself but this time I booked a salon.

Dupatta + Gota work on the shirt: PKR 45,000
Shirt Fabric: Approx. PKR 5000-10,000. This fabric came as a sari and I bought the whole thing in 2011 for my own wedding clothes so I already had this leftover fabric on me. If you tried to get it, it would perhaps be that much for the shirt.
Stitching: PKR 8000. That sounds way too high but I didn’t want to take any chances. Timpiy’s stitching was incredible so I’m reallllllly happy I went with her.
Clothes Total: approx. PKR 60,000
Jewelery: PKR 20,000

The unfinished dupatta

– Choose a cheaper fabric. Kamdaani is expensive.
– I did a double border on the hemline of the shirt. You can reduce that to a single border.
– Get a custom gota dupatta made and lessen the amount of work on it (they already had the dupatta ready and I got the outfit made around it)
– Get cheaper tailoring


Terrible lighting continues

Fabric: From Bur Dubai in Dubai from this shop called Rajesh Trading near Al Fahidi Fort (although manyyyyy shops had this but this guy gave me the most discount so I got it from here). This was a wholesale shop in the Textile Market and he had tons of such fabric in many colors and nearly 1/3rd of the price of what I saw in Pakistan. Saleem Fabrics in Lahore was selling the exact quality for 3 times the price, not sure why that is.
Stitching: Timpiy in Lahore (0302-8440274)
Jewelery: My own valima jewelery, Large ring from Aetee.
Shoes: Insignia in Lahore

Makeup close-up, in natural light, right outside the hall, before the event started

Makeup close-up, inside the hall

Makeup & Hair: Nabila’s Lahore. Ashi did my makeup and she was FABULOUS. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to spend a little extra. She did a great job, listened to me and it lasted SO well. As for the hair, I was super happy with that too. They gave me a ton of backcombing which freaked me out but since I was a backcombing newbie I didn’t know it would settle down in a bit, which it did (Although they didn’t know how to do waves as well, but whatever they did looked great and I was super satisfied). Also, lasted really well.

In crappy light, at home, at night

Posted one picture like this before, but found another with better colors, so here it is again. Right after the event

Fabric: AED 600 / PKR 17,000 (AED 100 per yard)
Stitching: PKR 8000
Pants + Shirt Underlining: PKR 5000
Total Cost: PKR 30,000
Hair & Makeup: PKR 15,000
Shoes: PKR 5000 (I think)

This picture to show you that the fabric is lined with another self-print fabric which made it look more luxe

That is it! Hope this helps. Before I disappear, I want to say a few things:

1. I’m attending another wedding end of this month for which I’m doing much more economical stuff so I’ll do a post on that too. I’m not comfortable suggesting spending a lot on anything so this post is not really my favorite. Particularly since this is the first time I’ve splurged (on one set of clothes) because of a sibling’s wedding.

2. I earn and spend in dirhams. It’s much more powerful that the rupee. I like spending according to circumstances so if I had been living in Pakistan, I may have spent even less.  I don’t want to create any dissatisfaction for someone who can’t afford as much (even though I think I did pretty well considering what’s going on in the market). So keep perspective on where you are.

3. If you make expensive clothes, then wear them to a lot of weddings. I hate this consumerist culture of having these super luxe pieces and then switching them up for every wedding. I don’t want to support it. Repeat your clothes, it’s cool.

4. It’s just clothes at the end of the day. If you can’t get what you want, it’s just a couple of hours and no one even remembers a few days later what you wore. I didn’t like my hair or makeup on the barat but I got over it and enjoyed myself. Don’t get overwhelmed.

Until next time.


  1. You look frikkin gorgeous! And to be honest i tried looking for stuff for my best friend's wedding 2 months ago and everything was crazzzzeeee expensive so i dont think you spent that much but i understand what you are saying. Thumbs up for such a great post. love you girl!

  2. Oh man! You looked incredibly beautiful in Valima function. I am glad that you spoke about this price stuff. People usually think shelling out extra bucks is what shows your class; however, you can rather prefer to be shrewd and enjoy your clothes even when you are spending less.

  3. Love each and every bit … I remember the time money and efforts I spent on my sister's wedding..though I wasn't much satisfied and I had the same bad experience of getting my makeup done from a salon. It was my first time so on valima I just went off with washed face having only lipgloss..haha so yeah such things happen. And I definitely agree to wearing such expensive clothes again n again

  4. Omggggg u looked bombe in the valimaaa, hair n makeup just nailed it and this fabric is just killinggggg me. I have to ask u to send ut to me in the near future surely!! U should have tried sabs for the salon they are amazing, but the valima service made me forget about the barat that they ruined!! Kher alls well that ends well cheers ???

  5. You looked lovely on both days. I particularly loved the colour you wore on Shendi and your hair/makeup on the Valima. And I totally agree with you when you say, "it's just clothes". Cheers!

  6. Your Barat outfit color is my favorite. This color goes best in heavy outfits. I have one in this color and I love it. Valima outfit, again, great color choice. You are looking beautiful in both. And thanks that you mention the prizes as well. I went to a parlor on my sister's wedding but I just hated myself and promised to never go again.

  7. You looked great both days,and I like how you are not urging people to spend more and more.

  8. Such a classic post..more than clothes details i loved the before and after thoughts. U r just beautiful inside out dww

  9. Thanks for posting the details! You looked fabulous in both outfits and I must admit that you spent wisely. It's been 6 years that I went to Pakistan but I know that prices are sky high there. Waiting for the next blog

  10. Love the black and gold ring you wore on the valima I think you forgot to write it's deets here though u mentioned it on fb. Plus there's a new parlor in Khi you could try them next time maybe Natasha's no clue about the rates but their work is super impressive u looked amazing on both days can't really decide which look won though 😀

  11. Just came back from a family wedding in khi and i can so relate to the high costs there. I had requested my phuppu to handle my wardrobe and trust me she re-did my jahez clothes, used kaam k dupattas as coats, etc etc. no one could believe my clothes were originally 6 yr old

  12. I've just converted the prices to pounds and I'm a little shocked (and I know that these are the going rates in Pakistan). Come to UK next time, we have much cheaper desi clothes lol (even my mother in law buys suits fabrics from here to take back to Pakistan when she goes on holiday). You look fab though, love the emerald jewellery withthe beige gold outfit.

  13. Ooppsss the plum gotta work dress is still very very expensive…it wasn't more then 20k ban bana kai…but you look amazing on valima :*

  14. Hey.. Just cant take my eyes off you in the valima pitures! You look beyond gorgeous. Masha Allah.

  15. Thank you for the post!
    Absolutely love your sense of style. And i think i will have to plan a trip to Lhr and hunt down Barkat Ali! Top stuff.
    Keep it coming, can't wait to see more.

  16. Next time you're looking for reasonable wedding clothes, try Goal By Fozia Hammad on MM Alam. I know what you say when you say small embellishments and the prices shoot up so even though this can be titled as 'promotion' for the family business, it's just sincere advice. On another note, Faizan is lucky to have such good looking well dressed siblings on his side during wedding day, tough competition but still.

  17. It's been an eye-opener of sorts. With the costs of outfits, make up, jewellery, your post has helped me understand what it would roughly cost to attend a sibling's wedding in Pakistan. For someone who has barely been there and doesn't know her way around clothes shopping, tailoring etc., i am glad for your post. Do you know where in Lahore i can find kaamdani suits on fine quality fabric? And any other good reputable jeweller to recommend where i can get Nauratan jewellery from? Super thanks in advance!

  18. Author

    Casual Girl: Thank youu so muchhhh ^_^

    Nyda: I knowww! Thank you for the love <3

    Faceha: Hate when that happens haha.

    Sahr: Haha, my sister went to Sabs and she hated it LOL. I think we chose the wrong people maybe. I think all these things are a gamble 😛

    Jaihan: Thank you! I know, sorry about the shoes, but I promise I wore them 😀

    Hina: Thank you 🙂 The makeup artist put the color from an unbranded pan so don't know the color, sorrraayyy

    SumZ: Thankssss 🙂

  19. Author

    Atiya: YAY thank you 😀

    Maryam: Haan, I tried this color for the first time myself and enjoyed it. And sigh, salons.

    Anon: Thank you ^_^

    Mikster: PAPPI!

    Nudrat: Thanks so much! I know I shopped for wedding stuff there after ages myself and was taken aback.

    Mrs. K: Thanks! The ring is by aetee designs. The link is up there in the post! And Natasha's is crazzyyyy expensive but yes their hair work is incredible.

    Maham: I know! That's totally my plan for the next wedding. (Y)

    Kayennat: The branded stuff is crazy expensive for sure. You can buy cheaper stuff but I personally don't like the work or fabric quality 🙁

    Anon: Hi Anon, I used kamdaani fabric which is expensive, about 15k just for the fabric, so unfortunately it can't be done in 20k 🙁 The gota work can be less for sure but I've done inexpensive gota before and that doesn't even come close to this one. It's super flowy, soft and adapts to your body. But inexpensive gota is definitely a good alternative, I just didn't want to go with it this time.

    Saina: Thank you, so flattered and humbled <3

  20. Author

    Anon 3: Hehe, definitely worth a visit for sure 🙂

    Anon 4: Will check it out, thanks for the reco! 🙂

    Thank You Invitations: Thanks so much <3

    SaadiaZ: Thank you! Kamdaani I picked up from Al Fajar, it's such great quality. I used it on my own valima clothes nearly 5 years ago and it looks as good as new (its the same leftover fabric I used in the purple clothes). And haven't ever gotten real jewelery made so sorry don't know about that 🙁 For artificial, you can check out Jewelery by Mariam Sikander on Facebook.

  21. Hey! Can you share a picture of the lining you used for your walima clothes? And where did you get it from?

  22. I love your both days dresses , jewellery, shoes, makeup hair do , actually everything. Looking so pretty

  23. Dresses are ok…(hope you won't mind) you look pretty on walima than barat. (You have a pretty face n why Nabila s did it btw) these are small things. What I like about you is you write so well and To the point… I love how you agreed not to spend your hard earned money on Designer clothes.. really impressive

  24. You looked amazing and I love your take on “you don’t need a fresh outfit for every single wedding”, so sensible and real! Will be visiting Dubai soon are there any fabric shops you would recommend (not big on shopping and just want somewhere I can pop in and out), I can see you mentioned bur Dubai, any others, a massive thank you in advance, love your blog btw!

    1. Author

      I actually don’t do much fabric shopping so don’t know specific shops but satwa and meena bazaar have loads so you could always plan for a couple of hours in each of them 🙂

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