Timeout: Minimal Table Decor. And More.

Timeout: Minimal Table Decor. And More.

1. If I could get married again, I’d skip the whole 200 guests thing, invite just close friends & family, have this exact table decor and have a big, big lunch with everyone and the molvi because he would’ve just done our ‘I do’s/Qabool Hais’ and would clearly deserve some fries.

2. The best book covers of 2015.

3. You MUST see this 2 minute video on selfie culture. You must.

4. Man gets his first solo exhibit at age 100. Never too late, boys.

5. Caffeine is actually slowing you down. Devastating news for me. Image via mediacalnewstoday.com.

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  1. Hope you don't mind me asking. This post of yours is very interesting for sure but doesn't get a lot of comments or likes. So what's your reason for not discontinuing it? I also have my own very small blog and asking from that perspective. Thanks.

  2. Author

    Hi S! Yup, this post doesn't get a lot of engagement but it has nearly the same number of hits as the other posts (I can see that in the back-end). I may have discontinued it if the hits were low but since people are clicking it with the same amount of enthusiasm I don't really care if it has a high appreciation index or not 🙂 Hope that helps, lots of luck with your blog.

  3. Love the table decor but the selfie video was just outstandingggg. You kick ass

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