Timeout: DIY Confetti Party Balloons. And More.

Timeout: DIY Confetti Party Balloons. And More.

1. Love this idea so much I need someone to have a party so I can have an excuse to make these. These confetti balloons are totally happening very soon. The link is not a DIY but all you need to do is get some clear balloons and stuff some confetti in them (like this), YUS.

2. Love this travel insta account.

3. Some kickass outdoor spaces.

4. The sweetest thing you’ll see today. What an Alzheimer’s patient wanted to do for his wife despite not remembering most things.

5. Fingerprint words and how we spread them. I know I use some words abusively and have transferred them to others AND have totally picked up some words from N and my best friends :O

Until next time.


  1. Shehzeen your finger print words are YES, kickass, wohoo, this guy that guy….. Many more but these are off the top of my head. Lol

  2. Author

    Tazeen: I'm dying on this. Those really are my fingerprint words, oops 😛

  3. Finger print words uff only if some people realized in my life lol. Loved the outdoor spaces

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