My Thai Shopping

My Thai Shopping

I had pretty much decided that I wouldn’t shop in Thailand at all. One, because I had already gone to Thailand a couple of years ago and picked up whatever I needed that would work as a reminder of the place. Two, the Koh Phangan market, especially on the weekday, wasn’t much to write home about. But during some casual browsing, I found some things that I felt I definitely needed to get my hands on. So this happened.

1. Those glorious skull rings above. I was mainly disinterested in getting anything for myself because the market wasn’t all that. But then I saw these guys and my heart skipped a beat. EVERYTHING I’ve ever wanted. Got two for myself. N was later upset that I didn’t get one for him and tried to force one on but that didn’t work out so well for him. Also, tried to insult me by saying that the rings looked better on him, can you believe this guy.

2. WALLLETTT. I’ve been meaning to change my wallet since months now but all my purchases are always super delayed so I was prepared to find my new one after a long wait. I just never thought I’d get it from Thailand. Loved the color, the size and the finish. Haven’t started using it yet because N’s told me that only he’s allowed to switch the content from old to new. Apparently I’m a (nearly) 32 year old adult who doesn’t know how to use a wallet. RUDE.

3. Aroma oils for the mother. She’s been asking me to get her some from Dubai but then I saw these and decided Thailand feels definitely more exotic than the UAE. So her first shipment is coming from the Far East, YAS.

4. Bottle opener. Because every house should have one, especially if it’s silver and gold.

I got one more thing for the brother and wife. They’re doing up their space, so I thought it could be a good addition, but because I don’t want to unpack it for the picture, you don’t get to see it. EVER. (Moderate dramatics, right there).

Muneeza and Sumika picked up elephant pants, crazy earrings and a couple of other random things. Just casually informing because I could feel like you wanted to know.

Until next time.


  1. omg! love the wallet so much!

  2. Just casually informing :p I love you so much! In a non creepy way. Your posts make my day 😀

  3. Except for the oils, no picture would load 🙁 sad day for me 🙁

  4. Author

    Anonymous: I hear you.

    Jaihan: YES! Both the girls didn't like it, imagine that.

    Subhana: Oh man, totally loving you back, in a non creepy way myself 😀 Your comment totally made MY day.

    Bushra: Oh no 🙁 Sorry 🙁 Check one on Facebook page and one on insta!

  5. Absolutely love the wallett. Its awesome. Would be good to show muniza and sumeekas stuff as well

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