My Gold Wedding Clothes: Exact Location Details

My Gold Wedding Clothes: Exact Location Details

Okay since the gold clothes were such a hit with you guys (thank you, i love you), I’m putting down some pictures and directions to show you the exact way to the shop where I got the fabric from. So if you want to get the same for yourself, all you have to do this follow this post. Let’s go.

If you have no clue what’s happening, here’s the post I did on my wedding clothes details from my brother’s wedding.

So step 1. Get yourself to Meena Bazaar in Bur Dubai. Meena Bazaar is on Google Maps so you should have no problems finding it, in case you’re new or visting.

Find Joyalukkas, the jewelery store. It’s right next to the Dubai Museum (also on Google Maps). And opposite the paid parking lot for Meena Bazaar.

Right next to Joyalukkas, is a tiny lane that will take you to the wholesale market. If you’re walking down this lane, Joyalukkas will be on your left and the Museum will be on your right. As you walk, Sun City Hotel, a popular landmark will come on your left. Look up to see the sign.

After about a minute’s walk, you’ll see the red board for Rajesh Textiles. You see it in the picture above? Great.

Keep walking until you reach the shop. You’re there.

They are wholesale but tell them you want to buy limited fabric only. They were very nice about selling less fabric (most wholesale shops won’t consider less than 25 yards) but wanted me to buy at least 5 yards. I wanted 7 so I was set.

The gold fabric was selling in store for about 150 AED per yard. They took me down to 100 AED. If your bargaining skills are better than mine, you can try doing better.

They had lots of colors as well as different fabric material for similar stuff. Their shop name is Rajesh Trading Co., their website is right here and you can call them at +971-50-3823415 (Dheeraj). Check before going, the shop closes in the afternoon for a few hours, I’m not exactly sure when.

Note: I did line these clothes on the inside with some self-embossed gold fabric from Al Fajar in Lahore which sexed it up so you might want to consider doing something similar too, instead of plain fabric.

Good luck and hope this post makes you happy.


  1. Uffff that dark grey colour with pink duppata would have looked aatanggg 😀

  2. These clothes were just stunning! Maybe you should warn the shop about the rush they're about to get 😛

    – Maheen A

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    1. Author

      Get your hands on lots of TED talks for entrepreneurs. Good starting off points. (Y) If you're really passionate about it, don't hesitate, plan well and go for it.

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