Girls Trip 2015: Part 2

Girls Trip 2015: Part 2

Boys and girls, here’s the second part of our trip. Where we tried to ‘do stuff’. I’m going to warn you: we were still ridiculously lazy…..but at least we stepped outside the resort. (See Part 1 here).

Now there’s a bunch of stuff you can do on the island – mostly water related stuff/cruises – but we were clear on one thing since the day we decided on Thailand: we wanted to disconnect from regular life, have the views to look at, and use the time to just hang out with each other and do ‘boring’ stuff (that we actually find super exciting). Let’s do this.

The resort we stayed at – Kupu Kupu Phangan Beach Villas – was ocean facing so we had instant access to the beach. It was a really good beach, not the best (I mean, Maldives, oh my god) but it was great nonetheless.

The water was gorgeous no doubt and the sunsets were mindblowing, but if you’re looking for a wide expanse of sand, it wasn’t that (obviously larger beaches are outside the resort). But for us and this vacation, it was perfect.

Also, glorious sky.

So the next couple of days we hung out at the beach and it was so good. I’m scared of going into the ocean (because of a freak accident much before), which is shameful really, but I’ve been scared of it for so long now I can’t even be embarrassed anymore. Anyway so the beach had these great rocks and I love rocks.

So I planted myself on a really large one and just chilled out. Sumika and Muneeza who wanted to go into the water, later copied me and joined me there as well (so lame).

But I’ve got to tell you. The time we spent here was phenomenal. There’s something about lying under the sky and just trying to be. It’s such an experience.

And while I was figuring out my thoughts and thinking about life and the world, Sumika was also lying down and playing Township. LOL. She’s going to kill me for this. Just kidding, both of us loved it. Muneeza was busy making her panoramas. Now, she’s going to kill me.

Also went down to the local market on one of the nights. It wasn’t my favorite, I’ll tell you that. It was super small and kind of smelly (uh oh). But having been to the markets in Koh Samui (which is a bigger island) I realise that markets on the weekday aren’t the bomb anyway. Their night markets on the weekends are the real thing. So I’d imagine that it would be much more happening on Saturdays but still nothing as stellar as the Koh Samui Friday market.

Regardless, I found some stuff I actually really loved so I came back happy. Plus, even the crappiest of experiences are SO good with your friends so we actually even ended up enjoying the smelly market. (Loved these soaps but I only ever buy stuff if I really, really need it and somehow I couldn’t figure out the space for these, so, perhaps someone can gift me yasssss).

And then, MASSAGES. I mean, of course. We went to this spa (Pure Relax) everyone was recommending outside the resort (especially because our resort didn’t have space to let us all have massages together) and it was such fun. The spa was a really clean space and the people were really friendly.

We decided to get aromatherapy massages because we wanted something gentler (N and I got the Thai massage two years ago and were so bruised LOL). It started off way too soft but I asked them to amp it up and then it became amazing. I’ve definitely had better but this was pretty great too. Sumika wasn’t happy, Muneeza loved hers – pretty much the dynamic for everything.

Also, the pool. We chilled in here for HOURS and it was so good. Having a private pool is all kinds of amazing (I’ve only had one before on my honeymoon) and it really elevates things like a mother. We actually looked for a villa based on where we could get our own pool within our budget and that’s how we landed on Koh Phangan (we didn’t really care about which island we went to, at the end of the day it all looks the same, especially if you don’t have activities planned like us).

Before jumping in, I thought I should get a shot of myself in these clothes next to the pool because I like these clothes and I like the pool.

Played some music. Talked about stuff. Enjoyed for hours.

Now, catching a sunset would never have been on my must-do list earlier but by accident we managed to catch a couple of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. I’m going to plug in a few of these because I was that much in awe and actually, surprisingly something we all enjoyed like anything.

I mean, the water was actually like this. Incredible, God.

The colors were spectacular.

And before you start dying with boredom, just one more. (But if you love all of them, then you’re special to me).

All gone down. SO THERAPEUTIC, you guys.

Finished off our last night with amazing thai food at the resort. Like I said in part 1, they had SUCH good food and easily one of the highlights of the trip. Had Tom Yum soup, Pad Thai and of course, Sticky rice with mango (N’s been assigned to find me that in Dubai).

The next day we got some breakfast in (the resort staff was beaming to see us up at 9, they were actually smiling from ear to ear), said goodbye to this gorgeous place and headed to the pier to catch our return ferry to Koh Samui.

This time we didn’t get space on the top deck so settled on the middle one. And actually got space only on these plastic stools right at the back which unexpectedly turned out to be the best spot. It was so much fun, you guys.

The water spray, the speed, the wind, it was all ahmazing.

Finally got onto our flights, celebrated a little for all the fun we had and headed home.

Now ready for next year? YAS.

Hope you guys enjoyed because I loved sharing with you. You can see Part 1 here.


  1. MAN this looks like SO much fun and I have the people to do it with just have to save money 😀 thank you for the recap! Best beginning to 2016 ever.

  2. Loved reading and going through both the parts (Y) The place looks AH-mazing, not to forget the scrumptious good looking food and yeah THE POOL, with the great view to die for lazying around all day long. Got some inspiration to plan out a Girls trip hehe!

  3. AMAZING pictures! Can't wait to do it, though I'd like to go alone. AND WHERE IS THAT FRIDA KAHLO TOP FROM?? I LOVE IT!

    – Hareem

  4. loved loved loved every bit of it <3 already regretting why we didn't head to koh samui or koh phangan while on our honeymoon 😀 btw how do you manage to remain so fresh on vacations?

  5. Great blog posts! How about adding the Main costs and extra expenditures, like you did with the Nepal trip? I ask cuz it helps in deciding between different options. Cheers!

  6. Still staring at those beautiful sunsets. Love your definition of going out and actually doing stuff. 🙂

  7. Wow! You had quite a trip. I wish i could convinve my boring bffs to do that (have been trying that since last 2 years).
    Love the post and all the pictures.

    What camera do you use? I'm planning to gift my husband a camera and need suggestions!!!


  8. Toooo Awesummmm .. do share with us that how much we have money to make this trip happen in our life tooo ? 😀 😛

  9. Toooo Awesummmm .. do share with us that how much we have money to make this trip happen in our life tooo ? 😀 😛

  10. Author

    Atiya: Thank you! I think I'll post costs for all the trips we've taken so far so no one feels left out if not enough is saved up for this!

    Amna: Yup, yup, go for it. We started really basic when we did the first one, so anything is possible!

    Hareem: Haha. I hate traveling alone waisey so I admire that in you. The top is from Quirkbox (an indian brand that ships everywhere), it's actually a shirt dress that I wear with pants 😛

    Bushra: Haha. I TRULY feel any place is good for your honeymoon as long as you're getting along 😀 All beach places are the same at the end of the day 🙂

    Sumz: Will do, soon. Although I'll warn you, we splurged on this one, and it can be done much cheaper if you change a few things.

    Sumaica: Sunsets? I love you 😀

    F: Thank you so much. I use a Samsung NX mini. Any point and shoot these days is a good purchase, because they make such great ones now. Mine's about a year old and was for AED 1600 (must be half price by now). The lens on mine needs to be manually opened each time when I switch it on and so it went kharab after a year so I'd totally recommend getting a Samsung but one that maybe comes out on its own. Happy birthday/whatever-the-occasion-is to the husband! 😀

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