Girls Trip 2015: Part 1

Girls Trip 2015: Part 1

You guys. I’m back from my girls’ trip and here to do a quick recap of everything we got up to! Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm while following along on social media, I loved, loved all your comments.

I got a bunch of new readers over the last couple of weeks, especially on Snapchat, so for the new ones, first of all, HI. I’ve talked about this before, but for your benefit, here’s a quick summary: I do an annual trip with two of my best friends every year (since the last three years) and this year we picked Thailand. We spent 6 days on a tiny island called Koh Phangan with serious plans of only bumming around, eating good food and talking. It was epic.

I’m going to talk the first three days of the trip in today’s post, which is pretty much all about hanging out at our villa, eating and discussing very important topics. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about what else we did (nothing too over the top, just relatively action oriented). Lezzz go? (Part 2 here).

I flew to Karachi last Sunday because all three of us had decided to do the whole trip together, including the flying. Muneeza (left one in the the below picture) picked me up from the airport, dumped me at her place and we waited for Sumika to arrive so we could head to the airport for our flight to Bangkok. We ordered in Hot ‘n Spicy and then Sumika and I collectively finished a giant box of peshawari ice cream that she had brought over. Then we left for the airport.

Got into the check-in line for Thai Airways with a motherload of employees from some company who were perhaps heading there for some offsite. MAN, did those guys stare us down. If those pot bellies at the back belong to your company, please know your employees indulged in some seriously inappropriate behavior, tsk tsk. Anyway, we ignored them and landed in Bangkok. Caught our flight to Koh Samui (closest airport to Koh Phangan) and then headed to the pier to catch our ferry to our island.

The weather was pretty great. It wasn’t humid at all so nobody was sweating their brains out. BUT the sun was super harsh so you needed to be in the shade or you’d be burnt. Unfortunately the wait for the ferry killed us because it was sunny as hell. The view was great though so that helped.

After about an hour and a half wait for the ferry, our turn finally came. Lugging our bags, we got on with a bunch of people all headed to Koh Phangan.

The view was incredible. The water was gorgeous. We got seats on the top deck which was great because you could see all around. BUT, the sun. It was right up ahead and we were burnt to a CRISP.

Anyway, we kept our eyes on the goal and kept praying we’d get to our resort soon. We’d been traveling for about 13 hours by then (me for longer since I’d come from Dubai :'() and we were ready to just quit the legwork and have some mojitos. But it was a 45 min ride so no mojitos.

However, when the ferry started moving, it all became fantastic. The sun was positioned behind us, the wind was gorgeous and hanging on the top deck made it way too much fun. The water was in so many shades of blue and green, it was beautiful.

Got off on the pier and after a mad hunt for a cab for 30 mins, then being shoved into a typical Thai taxi with 15 other people like bakris, and bracing the direct sun for what seemed like an eternity, we finally got to our resort and suddenly it all became so worth it.

We had booked Kupu Kupu Koh Phangan Beach Villas and it was one gorgeous piece of property. The views were stellar.

We had booked a seaview pool villa and it was such a sight, you guys.

All three of us absolutely loved it the second we stepped inside. I’ve been wanting to sleep in a canopy bed for a while now and this was just the best gift from the universe. The resort had given us an extra mattress since there were three of us. Muneeza and Sumika discussed who would take that while I happily watched while choosing my side of the bed (also because I’d been abused and discarded on the mattress on the last two trips)

Right behind the bed was the bathroom area. The tub was amazing but we never really ended up using it, tragedy. On the left were the shower area (glass door) and the loo area (with a regular door). For anyone interested, you could pull curtains and close off this area entirely if you wanted to.

But undoubtedly the most favorite part of the villa was the outdoor pool.

It overlooked the ocean and made everything better just by looking at it.

So pretty much what we did the first few days: We would wake up lazily around noon with this gorgeous view. After a month of excessive shadi stuff for my brother’s wedding, I loved this. So did the other two because of their own respective situations. We were in love with life.

We missed the complimentary resort breakfast every single day, would you believe that. But we’d get them to make breakfast for us at lunch time (which they found fascinating) and while we ended up spending more, it was the best way at that time.

And we had a LOT of breakfast. Special shoutout to this french toast which had the most amazing stuff inside, which I have no idea about.

The one cloudy day when it rained as well.

The best part about the resort was perhaps this table that was set IN the swimming pool. IT HAD MY HEART.

Because the sun was so crazy harsh the whole day, we’d go back to our villa after brunch and laze around, only to emerge later for dinner. I’m a sucker for lights so you can imagine me light-gasming at this point because IT WAS ALL FREAKISHLY PRETTY.

You see what I mean.

One thing which I did not expect AT ALL, was for the resort food to be so, SO delicious. My experience with resorts has always been that the food is average. But man, did they have the best, BEST food. This was a coconut milk seafood soup that I loveddd.

Why is Thai food so unbelievable? At the resort, the Tom Yum soup was SO GOOD, WE HAD IT EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. It was easily the best Tom Yum I’ve ever had. The Pad Thai was also pretty great. The fried calamari was amazing. Except for one dish (fettucine, which was boring as hell) everything else was stellar. It was easily one of the highlights of the trip for all of us.

I’m going to take a second and talk about this: Sticky rice with mango. I went to Thailand in 2014 with N but never had this. But this time I tried it once and went crazy. I tried it on the second day of our trip and ordered it every night after that. You’d take a bite of the sticky rice, drizzle some coconut milk over it, add some mango and EAT IT ALL. Does anyone know if this is available in Dubai? I’M ADDICTED. It’s a very different taste though and it took me at least three bites to get on board (Sumika rejected it, she’s lame like that) but Muneeza and I both could not stop having it. What a beauty.

In more news about bumming around, the first couple of days we never went inside the pool. We’d hang out on the deck chairs, listen to music, dip our feet, talk endlessly and just enjoy the view.

The resort guys also gave us an extra deck chair and I love them for it. Sumika tried to play old songs (that Muneeza declared play at a darzi’s shop) but we shut her down and played our own music instead. She carried a grudge till the end (even though my music grew on her eventually).

Hello there.

Post dinner, we would just lie back and laze around. We watched some good movies like Dil Dhadakne Do and Humpty Sharma and some really bad ones for cheap thrills like Calendar Girls and Hate Story 3 LOLOL (Muneeza slept through Hate Story but Sumika and I were in fits through every bloody scene, it was the best decision). Also, for anyone interested, like all other times, Muneeza would throw accusations, every single night, at both Sumika and myself that we look sleepy and would then conk off first out of all us (I captured video proof so she wouldn’t start denying it a few years from now).

One of the most fun things we did this time around was that we decided to get gifts for each other. We set a small monetary limit and left it upto the other person to get whatever they wanted. These two are what I got for them. It was memorable and a lot of fun.

Oh, and of course. Sumika got me these lights, just by the way, and I decided to pop one box and install them right there in the room. I love fairy lights, they make everything so festive and I think I’m going to take a string with me on every trip of mine. Decided.

Tomorrow I’ll post the second part. Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Update: See part 2 here.


  1. Love the post ! The views are to die for. I am stealing this idea the minute my friends and I start earning.
    BTW is your friend's name pronounced Sumeeka or Sumaika ? The reason I am interested is my name is Sumaica and I have never heard it before. 🙂

  2. It would be best if u reply on instagram ?

  3. Loved every part of the trip especially the snapchat year I followed u there while I sulked in -20 and white blankets of snow and slippery ice and you bathed in hot sun 😉 do share trip costs n stuff like you did for a trip once before and is it okay to ask about your work? Love love loveeee the fact that you guys meet up every year Shadi hasn't taken over your lives! Thank God! You are such an inspiration suchi muchi
    Out of context I loved ur fridge makeover and one of these days I'm going to try it as well IA and I loved how you cleaned up your place as soon as u were back woman u are such a star! Stay blessed always Ameen! ????

  4. Author

    Maham: Yayyy. You're awesome too 😀

    Sumaica: Yes, definitely do with your best friends <3 And her name is pronounced Sumeeka 🙂 I haven't heard either of your names ever, myself, hah!

    Anon: I've replied to you by now? Please say yes 🙂

    Mrs. K: Your comment just made my day totally! And thank you so much for all the generous feedback, you're way too nice (k)

    Nazia: Thanks for following along 🙂

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