I’m in Lahore!! And tonight I have to get ready for barat action, YES. Came here earlier this week, late Sunday night, and these guys had a surprise birthday thing for me and I was so taken aback that I actually got scared (hehe). It was the sweetest thing with cake and confetti and jhandis (that Fauzia aka sister-in-law got for me, ILOVEHARRR) and it was the best welcome ever.

Really indulging in food with a passion. Niece, Fauzia and I were hanging out randomly one day and decided we were bored and dahi phulkis were the solution. Quickly got these through house-help-handy-person, and, man, did our moods switch around. Chaat type stuff + heater = stuff of dreams.

N’s family has arrived in Lahore for the barat and they’re staying at this really gorgeous, old hostel which I’m majorly crushing on (posted on Snapchat yesterday shehzeen-r). The architecture’s beautiful, the trees are breathtaking and the Lahore winter (which behaved for two days) was totally adding to the vibe of the place. I really feel like we don’t do a good job of preserving the old and I so wish we had a truckload of buildings as sexy as this (or even more).

So I was sent these soaps and a salt scrub (not pictured here) by Harvest Tree and I was honestly delaying trying them out because I thought how kickass could they be. Finally got around to it last weekend and LOVED the whole handmade, with-all-natural-ingredients routine. The Neroli salt scrub (see here) was great because it didn’t just exfoliate but amazingly moisturized as well (which I haven’t experienced before). I’ll be definitely finishing the jar. But the soaps. Man, do I love them. The ones I received were Lavendar and Rosewater. I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried a lot of handmade products before so I’m a newbie at this but I’m totally in a serious relationship with the rosewater one. I tried it with my Clarisonic randomly one day and it cleaned like nothing else. I’ve ben using it everyday since. Love that these guys also sell gift sets which makes it a really interesting thing to give a friend on a birthday or something.

Heading to Karachi this Sunday for the valima. Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. I. Love.Friday. posts!

    Your snapchat made me crave chaat and I ended up asking hubby to bring it. Lol. And the rest house is so pretty! I live in lhr but I want to shift out of my home and into that place <3

    – Maheen A

    1. Author

      THANKYOUUUSS. That chaat thing always happens to me. I see it and I want it instantly 😀

  2. that building looks gawjus!!!

  3. The guest house is stuff of dreams… And I wasn't even invited for the chaat :'(

  4. Friday posts are sooo much fun but this one was a notch above

  5. Awww @techpedia! that's truly unfair with you. By the way congratulations to you on your brother's wedding.

    @shehzeen: awesome post like always. You're my inspiration and now your snaps are becoming a family favorite and everybody looks forward to your extremely fun and pyari baatein :D. And my mom is simply in love with you both and tell my brother to become more like nabeel :). You guys rock

    1. Author

      OMAGADS. YOU MADE MY DAY. Haha. Say hi to your mom and give her a sloppy pappi from me (I mean, if she's ready to accept). Please keep reading/liking 😀

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