This weekend I’m going to be doing two things: 1) Turning 32, YAY. 2) Packing for Lahore and N for Karachi. I’m quite nervous about the Lahore cold which the mother tells me is being quite brutal. And god knows how I hate the cold. ANYWAY, was sent a bunch of stuff from Arcancil Paris a while ago (I showed it all on Snapchat btw) and finally gave some of the things a go this week. Immediately loved the three I tried out – the eyeliner, the mascara and the lip liner (that I used as lipstick). You know how most colored eyeliners make you feel like you need to industrial-level bleach your face because it looks all weird and messy? This color did not do that at all (Star Liner in 504 Lagon Turquoise) and lasted the whole day. The mascara made my lashes SUPER long (the ones who saw it on Snapchat, tell me it’s true right?). It was a tad clumpy but I loved it regardless (Volume Ooh Lala! in 001 Noir). And the lipliner gave the most gorgeous nude color (Lip Liner in 310 Bois de Rose). I particularly loved it because I wear such colors very rarely so it was a good change plus didn’t make me look like death (which most nude shades do) so it was a win. You can buy Arancil in Dubai at Wojooh in Dubai Mall.

Best friend, Sumika was over in Dubai for work for a couple of days. I do long distance with all my best friends and it’s entirely something else to get to see them so frequently. We just had such a great time in Thailand earlier this month but I was still so excited to meet her again. We spent a few hours at the mall for some stuff she needed and I ended up getting these shoes and sunglasses from Aldo (for so cheap because the shopping festival is on). Came home, had Hot n Spicy, threw N in the guest room and talked into the night. She left the next morning but it was the best 12 hours.

Something new I’ve been wanting to try out since quite some time: having a candle around the house. We have a tiny space so every night after dinner it smells a bit like food so I wanted to get rid of that. Bought this one from Bath & Body Works and while I don’t laahhvv it, it was a decent purchase. If you have a good candle recommendation that smells great and lasts forever, please tell me.

Got the prettiest clutch in the mail a few days ago. It’s SO gorgeous, you guys. I absolutely love it. It’s by a brand called Enigma (see here) and is entirely constructed out of metal and a hundred percent handmade. You can order it through their Facebook page, if you love it just as much. They’ve got bags and briefcases too.

Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. You look so pretty and girly in the makeup. I'm loving the lip color. Nudes often make me look like a ghost too. Lol

    – Maheen A

  2. Ahhh love the eyeliner. Got three new ones from colorpop I have yet to try 😀 and I LOVEEE the BNBW mahogany teakwood <3 those nautical shoes are the bomb dot com

    1. Author

      Everybody talking about colorpop these days? Whats going on? I need to get my hands on this. And the candle is not strong enough 🙁 Or maybe my nose is screwed up (no kidding, it doesn't work so well)

  3. 3 candles that you can check out in bath n body works are: Apple crumble
    Cherry blossom

  4. There were so many strange comments on the last article, it was giving me anxiety. Just wanted to say your parents raised you right. I am so so glad you have a blog. You are real. Real job. Real person. An actual brain that works in your head. And sane/practical ideas. The entire time I read your shadi blog, I was thinking she actually knows the value of money. I am sorry about this long winded rant. But there are no healthy role models for our kids anymore. most blogs are plastic people who believe a dress costing a million rupees is acceptable. So I guess what I am trying to say is, I really appreciate you. I wish I can raise my daughter to be as level headed.

    1. Author

      AHHHHHH. Favorite comment ever??? YESSS PLEASE. Love you. Please never stop reading because I need your vibes. (k)

  5. Loved this friday post. You and your best friend make and awesometwosome also followdd on snap chat hehe

  6. So sponsored. All are product mentions.

    1. Hi Anon 🙂 how else do you think she earns from the blog? Please don't spread negativity. There is already so much of it around. Love and light to you. Have a great day 🙂

    2. Hi other Anon 🙂
      I can't see how stating the truth is negativity.
      A disclaimer would have been nice but I don't see it anywhere on the page. I don't know about UAE but in the UK it is mandatory for bloggers/vloggers to state such info very clearly to protect the consumer.

    3. Author

      Sorry couldn't reply directly through my phone. I wrote a response yesterday, its at the end of the post.

      Other anon: Lots of love to you, bas.

  7. love Engima's work!
    I dont know but Aldo never worked out for me. Got Oxfords and the sole and shoe separated in my SECOND WEAR! got them repaired and same thing happened again. replaced the shoe with something else and the new one got the same issue! I hate that shoe and the store now. :p It was a shit expensive shoe for the haalat it got into only by the second wear.

  8. Love the coloured eyeliner. I do not venture out of the black/brown eyeliner territory because the eye makeup world is a scary place. 😛

  9. Author

    Hi anon. I was waiting until the weekend was over to reply but here goes. I've clearly mentioned that the stuff from Arcancil was sent to me. I mean the same for Enigma when I say 'i got it in the mail' but I can see that that can be read both ways. The aldo and bath and body works stuff is purchased from my hard earned money and mentioned like that. I get a ton of stuff for features all the time out of which a fraction gets to go on the blog….that too after ive tried and tested it. My blog is about stuff i love….sponsored or not and I'm proud of keeping a great balance of that – if you just look at this week alone, this is the only post that has product features. I choose to do it this way and practice a lot of integrity when it comes to brand mention so I'm at peace, hope it helps you too. And today's my birthday, so here's some cake.

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