Pak Trip Recap

Pak Trip Recap

Wow. I’ve opened blogger after a whole month and it feels almost surreal. I’ve never taken off this long, from what I now call work, and it’s been SUCH a refresh. I had an amazing trip for so many reasons and even though we all worked our assess off and were exhausted, I strangely feel incredibly energized.

I’ll be blogging all of this week, and then go on another mini hiatus when I leave on my annual girls trip with two of my best friends to Thailand, which I’m insanely excited about. For now, I’m doing a quick recap of my Pak trip, hope you enjoy (I covered the whole thing on my Insta in case any of you missed it).

Home in Lahore.

Nearly everyday, us siblings would have long drawn out gossip sessions till 4 in the morning. We possibly talked more during this month that we’ve ever had in our whole lives. Such fun.

This is the eldest sibling who drove us crazy with her outfit choices but we decided we loved her so it was all acceptable. Dining at China Town here with the whole family.

Also checked out Chashni that one of my best friends had been raving about. Decided that she was right, the place was magical, especially in the cold.

Loved everything at Chashni but a special shoutout to the gajar ka halwa which was beyond amazing. Also loved the ras malai and gulab jamun.

Had peri bites AFTER SO LONG. Nandos doesn’t do peri bites in the Middle East which is quite the tragedy but I stuffed my face with these enough to last me a couple of months of cravings.

Also, these. The coffee cake (or the chocolate) at Nandos doesnt exist in Dubai. So I stuffed.

Everyday, girl siblings and the mother would step out for wedding chores. We went all over Lahore and that was a beauty in itself.

Was so excited to find my clothes in just the first couple of days of looking. This was my barat dupatta at Barkat Ali that I immediately said yes to.

Jewelery shopping in Liberty. Wanted a lot of these.

Kurta shopping for our relevant misters. I fell for this hanging situation at Bareeze Man. One day when I have a giant ass walk-in closet, this is how I’ll hang stuff.

Also fell for this waistcoat FOR MYSELF. If anyone’s looking to gift me something, please pick up a size small for me. I want to wear it with jeans 🙁

This majorly beautiful cactus at mom’s place. I was horrified that it was sitting in a back alley in the house, completely rejected. Was too busy this time but am pulling this into the house on my next trip.

Daily chai sessions that happened about a dozen times a day. Also, naan khatai.

Sibling duty to read siparas for the brother. Chai was necessary.

Cute story. One day, the sister and I were joking that we love gajras (we actually don’t). And we kept joking how we loved them and we wished we could wear them everyday. The next day, the brother comes home with a couple of them and hands them to us. We think he’s extending the joke and we accept. A couple of days later, he brings home some more. That’s when we realise he thinks we were serious and was getting them for us with love. I WAS SO TOUCHED.

Trips to hand out wedding cards all over the city.

Heading to Karachi where the barat was. Brother knew I was taking his picture so he’s posing. Sorry uncle in the background who is accidentally in the picture.

At mamoo’s gorgeous place in Karachi where we camped out for a week. Had breakfast out here everyday in the glorious weather and life was good.

Packing the bidh boxes.

Finished stuffing all bidh boxes at 3 in the night and we were excited.

Heading to the bride’s place so all of us could meet the family (us sisters hadn’t met them before).

Shadi day. Everything went perfectly, they both looked so great and it was a beautiful event. Say Mashallah!

Hi brotha.

Serious commitment being discussed.

My favorite girls. I LOVE THEM. Sumika (the right one) got bored and didn’t want to stay. It was super rude and she’s a bad person. Muneeza (the middle one) was great and enjoyed everything.

Shendi action.

Back in Lahore and mom and I setting up the couple’s room for a welcome. Other two sisters were out partying but shamelessly took credit for all my hard work.


Hi there. Welcome to the city.

Valima day. Both looked GORGEOUS.

With this guy. He’s the best.

Hope you enjoyed! 


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! What a sweet brother you have. I love gajras actually 😛
    Everything looks beautiful and so much fun. MashAllah 🙂

    – Maheen A

  2. Where's your valima outfit from? Loved it 🙂

  3. Who are you wearing on the walima? Also, which jewellery shop was this in Liberty? Did you try any good make up places in Lahore?

  4. Your moments are just awesome. Can I copy few of the pictures?

  5. Awesome recap. Loved every bit of it..from gajras to gossip sessions. From mamoos place to the last valima pic. Super super super. And yes sooo glad to have u backkk here dww

  6. Outfit details and more outfit photos, please. My sister is getting married in February and all my friends have their outfits in place (yeah, they are a very over enthusiastic lot) and I don't have any clothes yet. Of course, I will have to scout for similar stuff in Delhi but please provide inspiration.

  7. 1. How great is your skin? Referring to the bidh boxes 3 am picture. I am envious so masha Allah!
    2. You are look gorgeous on both days! No mehndi pics?
    3. Thank God you are posting again.

    p.s. making lists is my new years resolution 😀 (A)

  8. I have a confession to make. I went looking for other blogs to read with my tea, while you were away and NO ONE does it like you! So happy to see a blog post again!

  9. I loved reading this post! And oh i have seen most of these pictures as i follow you on snapchat and keep waiting for your snaps everyday 😀 you are super cool <3

  10. Author

    Maheen: Thank youssss. Don't know why I don't love gajras because man they smell so great!

    Madiha: It was plain fabric that I got stitched myself. Will post details soon!

    Anon: I'll post all details for you in tomorrow's post, pakka!

    Noman: Sure, just credit them 🙂

  11. Author

    Mikster: Hiiiiiii

    Warda: Man, the skin is all beauty filter on my phone 😛 🙁 😀 Mehndi was combined with the shadi, the shendi thing. And yayyy for the welcome back 🙂

    Anon: You TOTALLY made my day. I love you.

    Hamna: Thank you for such a sweet comment <3

  12. Author

    Anon: I'll definitely post more tomorrow. Lots of luck for the wedding, family time at shadis is particularly incredible!

  13. I like your valima dress as well as the whole look more than the baraat's one. Welcome back to the blog 🙂

  14. You look beautiful!!!!!
    Many mubarak to you and your family.. MashAllah… the couple look gorgeous!
    Your walima outfit is STUNNING! details PLEASE!!!!

  15. Thanks. Also could someone explain what a shendi is? What are the rasams?

  16. Author

    Nyda: Thanksss 🙂
    HibaH: You're sooooo sweet man. Thank you so much! will post about valima clothes tomorrow!
    Anon: Shendi is basically a shadi and mehndi together. So for us, the barat came, then the nikkah happened, then food, then dances. No rasams really happened because both sides didn't have any. I haven't attended any shendi myself so don't know more than this 🙂
    Zona: Really? Yep small world 🙂

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