The Next Few Days

The Next Few Days

Me trying to pack yesterday in an outfit from my personal collection the inspiration for which has been homeless grunge

I came to Lahore last night and it’s going to be my longest trip home since moving to Dubai. It’s my brother’s wedding and since he’s marrying a girl from Karachi, I’ll get to be in both cities. One of my sisters has flown in from the US and we’re all getting to hang out together after ages and that too for a wedding, so it’s all kinds of exciting.

Things I’m looking forward to
1. Meeting my second sister. I get to see my eldest sister much more often, in fact she was just in Dubai a few months ago. Sister no. 2 and I hadn’t seen each other in two years and that’s super long. She flew in from the US yesterday and was going to Lahore via Abu Dhabi. Imagine my desperation to meet her asap – I booked my flight out of Abu Dhabi as well. AD is an hour away from Dubai so despite the increased hassle, I actually met her at the airport just so I could get to her BEFORE ANYONE ELSE COULD.

2. Eating all the home food, lying in my mom’s bed and doing nothing…..when we’re not being asked to be slaves to any wedding work. My own wedding was super low-key, I did everything on my own and was a really chilled out bride, so I’m not really familiar with how big the wedding business can be (I was too young/tuned-out/living-away-from-home for my sisters’ weddings so had no idea what was happening).

3. Wedding food. Shadi food is always so kickass and I’m going to be that family member bringing shame to everyone by totally eating as soon as the buffet opens at the event (and then again at home once we’re back). I don’t really get why the family doesn’t eat until everyone’s done, I’m stocking my plate and no one can stop me (it’s not like people won’t eat if you don’t).

4. Seeing our baby brother get married (who’s one major bridezilla, FYI).

Things bumming me out
1. A whole month away from N. MAJOR bummer. Although he will join us for the barat event in Karachi, two weeks after I fly out, and then later in Lahore for the Valima, it’s still not the same and I’m going to be counting days till our proper reunion on December 28th.

2. I don’t like the cold. Never have. Never will. Lahore will be at its worst in December (although it’s surprisingly moderate right now) and I’m not looking forward to bundling up like a potato on regular days (and being so uncomfortable) and then wearing tissue thin clothes at the wedding in freezing cold temperatures (and basically dying a slow, painful death). (Plus I miss so much of the absolutely incredible weather action that will be happening in Dubai during this time)

Everything else is cool.

So since I’ll be busy doing absolutely nothing and wedding-ing, the blog will be going on hibernation starting Monday for an entire month – the biggest break in two and  a half years! Between stuffing my face with parathas and cuddling with my sister, I‘ll be posting on Instagram and Snapchat (shehzeen-r) so if you miss me, like I’ll miss you, please to join me there.

I’ll be back on the blog on December 28th and if everything goes according to plan (means I’ve been productive and not bracing a relentless food coma), I’ll be back with some really fun posts. See you, guyaiz. Flying pappis.



  1. im going to miss the blog SOO much :'(

  2. Enjoy the wedding! Going to miss the blog as well 🙂 But happy that you get a nice big break with family. Excited to see your updates on insta and snap. Update everyday please.

  3. I will miss the blog but I have been following Rants of a Desi Bride and it's all coming together! Have an amazing trip 😀

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