Project Apartment: Office Makeover Reveal

Project Apartment: Office Makeover Reveal

I never thought I’d ever be working from home but now that I do, having a space that makes me want to invent rainbows is crucial. I showed you guys the ‘before‘ of my home office space yesterday and today I’m sharing the ‘after‘. (I’m super excited even though I’ve seen it about a million times now).

This space was a continuation of the kitchen space and merging into the living area. The window you see below in the middle is where I decided all my world domination plans/work emails would be drafted. The window on the left is where my pom-pom cabinet sits that you saw in the kitchen reveal a few days ago.

Now I’m quite excited but do feel emotionally stable enough to share pictures. Let’s look at the ‘before‘. All resource details at the bottom of the post.

And this is the after.


I could be biased but here’s a thought: I LOVE IT.

I wanted a very open desk for this area so it wouldn’t feel like the entire corner was blocked off and I could keep an airy, uncluttered vibe despite having an entire office in this tiny space. This table is entirely IKEA but they somehow don’t sell these legs here anymore (even though it’s listed on their website). I luckily found these second-hand and quickly bought them off a guy who was moving out of Dubai. Bought the table top from IKEA and was a happy soul. It’s a writer’s desk by the way; the legs can make the tabletop tilted, straight or higher, although I’m not trying any of that, of course.
I got the rug from Society6 with this really graphic pattern. And because of my tassel obsession, which we’re all suffering through on the blog, I attached black ones onto it. I could be biased but I think the rug is so much more fun with them. Please agree.

Who remembers these books? I totally put them together for my coffee table but one day just smuggled them to my desk because it felt like they wanted to be there.

Kitchen cabinet in the background, in case you missed it.

One of my most favorite plants and pots in the house. Both from Dubai Garden Centre which, no secret by now, is my most favorite place for buying most of such stuff.

My postcards from Nepal. No functional purpose, just to keep me in five percent vacation mode at all times.

I found this guy at Daiso and he was an ugly gloomy kind of orange then. I color-block-painted him in black and white and did a shoddy job of it but I don’t hate him.

My other favorite plant, the most resilient thing ever. Snake plant, again from Dubai Garden Centre. When I got it a few months ago, it wasn’t this high, I’m thinking I need to find a smaller replacement soon and have him on the ground somewhere because he’s growing big, big, big.

A to-do list for times when I’m pretending to work.

Favorite spot on the table, woohoo.

I picked up this tiny storage second-hand because the desk didn’t come with any. It surprisingly stores a bunch of stuff. One day, in another home, I’ll probably paint its handles in different colors but for now I wanted to keep it raw.

Find my kitchen counter contact paper in there? Part of my DIY supplies and also wrapping paper for emergencies. That’s a trash bin by the way which I’d been using as a plant pot for quite some time.

And now undoubtedly, my MOST favorite piece in my home, this neon light sign that N and I both love with a mad passion. It’s meant to imply something else but I got it for my office space for a different interpretation (5 pm chutti time? No? Terrible? Oh well). I love it way too much. It came all the way from China, incredibly packed with everything intact, and even though it’s mostly for businesses, I so want there to be a world where there’s a neon sign in every home. Please help me with that. Purchase link below and they have SO MANY other designs.

And here it is all lit up. I love you, neon sign.

This bird is really a garden accessory but I deny most things their traditional usage so I bought it (from Dubai Garden Centre) and ladies and gentlemen, meet the first employee of my company since we sit and work together everyday.

I’m having a complete memory shutdown of why I ever made this tassel garland in the first place (did I ever tell you guys?) All I remember now is that after I was done using it, I hung it along my curtain and the joy it brings to my office space is unmatched.

Balcony in the background which I shared on the blog a few months ago. The weather has started to kick ass again so I’m going to be found in that spot a whole lot more now.

Favorite games right there. Khussas added for aesthetic value.

And one more shot before we go. So, did you like it? (I’m looking for responses like “that’s incredible”, “your office is better than pizza”, “can I join your company” and similar sentences like that).

Tabletop: IKEA / Table legs: Dubizzle (but from IKEA) / Neon Sign: AOOSRug: Society 6 / Rug Tassels: Dragon Mart / Chair: OK Furniture / Plants: Dubai Garden Centre / Gold Plant Pot: Dubai Garden Centre / Straw Basket as Plant pot: Lahore / Toucan Bird: Dubai Garden Centre / White Plant Pot: Ace Hardware / Waste Bin: IKEA / Gold Basket: Carrefour / Storage Drawer: Dubizzle / Moustache Glasses Holder: Daiso / Picture Frame: IKEA / Desk Lamp: IKEA.

Books On Desk: DIY Faux Book Covers / Tassel Garland: DIY Tassel Garland.

Also see my bedroom makeover, kitchen makeover and balcony makeover.


  1. OH WOW. Amazing! Can I join your company? 😛

  2. Love it. So colourful. However why is the chair not on the other side? You're missing out on the (distracting) view 🙂

    – Maheen A

  3. Author

    Kiran: Thanks 😀

    Maheen: Haha, the view is not so great from that window 🙁 It's just buildings. And so I didn't want to spend the whole day looking at just a wall 😀

  4. OH MA GOD it is so amaze 😀 I love the pops of color and the neon sign is just perfect <3 Taboo is one of my favorite games ever and you need to get your hands on Cards Against Humanity if you love inappropriate humor as much as I do 😛

  5. Wow – love the way you have done your office space. You are amazing in utilizing the nook and corner of your house and making it look incredible! Super talented.

  6. Your employee does NOT look happy! Fire that ungrateful piece of plastic! 😀 Next time he (or she?) is late, you can just throw it out the balcony which is conveniently right there! Quick & easy!

    Don't get me wrong though, I love the idea! 😀
    My favourite part: The mustache and glasses!! Kind of reminds me of those creepy things they used to sell at the traffic signals here in Pakistan when I was a kid! 😀


  7. Phenomenal. Dont know where to start commentin from. Evrrythin is so thoughtfully chosen i am dying. Neon sign plant pots and stationery are my absolute are simply a genius

  8. Yup. Jealous of tht new employee of yours already! ?

    Love it. I love how the greens and pom poms make your office come to life.

    Just one thing. Tht Neon Sign. It's a lil slant.. Just straighten it a bit.. Teeeny tiny…

    Aw3some Job.

  9. It is not better than pizza (nothing can every be)! But it is better than cake. Happy?
    Also, I love your love for color.

    – Mahnoor

  10. What is Pizza? Forget Pizza. I just fell in love with thisss space. Just in case you ever feel like hiring someone other than that lucky garden accessory please take me on board? God. I love everything over there so so so much that I could cry

  11. Love the color, the ethinicity, the funky combining with simple white elegance! I'll definately be approaching you when I have a re-do project on my hands.

    Great work!

  12. Author

    Atiya: I've had my eye on CAH for a while but somehow it just didn't seem AS fun as everyone says it. No? I must get it?

    Fatima's Beauty Bag: When I'm hiring, I'll call you! 😉

    Hira: Thank you 😀

    Afifa: Now you're just making me emotional. THANKYOU.

  13. Author

    AZ: Haha. Maybe it was just having a bad day 😛 And the glasses holder appears to be a big favorite!

    Farah: I love that that's the vibe you're getting because that's totally what I wanted. Thank you!

    Mikster: You are the besssst.

    Kashmala: Haha, yes mam, I'm on it! 😉

    Mahnoor: Ok I totally love cake more than pizza so that works for me like nothing else haha. Mutual win-win (Y)

  14. Author

    Najma: Thank mommmayy.

    Nigar: Everyone apparently loves that guy!

    Sidra: You're definitely going to make me cry. Filing your resume in the priority box immediately.

    Fatima_kh: Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

  15. Fab. Just Fab bro!

  16. this is AMAZING! just stumbled across here and love your asthetic sense! Can you please tell me how you did the paint? I LOVE how you wernt from boring beige walls to this rough brick paint, its amazebaaaalls!!! please do share!!!

  17. You are an absolute genius!!!!!!!! I am your fan! What you manage to do with limited space could only be described as sheer brilliance. I have a house with almost a similar structure and floor map like yours and all i have done is whine and complain. And lo and behold I see your blog and i curse myself for being so short sighted. Thanks for being an inspiration. You rock. Totally

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