Project Apartment – Home Office Makeover: BEFORE

Project Apartment – Home Office Makeover: BEFORE

The window on the right is where my office situation is

When I first started working from home, the couch was pretty much my office chair and the coffee table my desk. I thought things were super manageable this way but gradually I realised how chaotic things ended up being personally and professionally because of no dedicated space for my work. I would start the day on the couch with my laptop and end it there with the TV. There was absolutely no separation and I’d often be a raging lunatic by the time N would get home.

I took over N’s work desk at home in my last apartment (he’s a geek and has equipment so we’ve always had a desk for him) but when we moved here, I told him I needed my own space. The only issue was that we were already pretty cramped when it came to square footage. I didn’t want to have any kind of setup in my bedroom and so whatever I had to do, had to be created in the middle of the living room/kitchen/everything-else-room (see the before of the full room here).

This is a shot from when we first moved in here last year. Initially I thought I’d have a tiny breakfast nook in that corner but I realised it would just be sitting looking pretty half the year and I didn’t have the capacity for just pretty things; they needed to be functional too. I told N I’d have my office area right in front of the balcony window and he was dubious. He thought the space was not big enough and I’d end up cramping everything. But I knew I was right and told him to agree with me. He decided it was best to comply.

So we quickly built a desk (basically bought the table top and legs separately), bought some tiny storage, picked up a cool office chair (posted it on the blog the first time here) and got going. Slowly over the last few months, I’ve been adding stuff to up the sex appeal on this and I’m excited to show you tomorrow what it looks like. Insert lots of teenage/inappropriate/high-pitched shrieks.

See you tomorrow.

(Also, check out the balcony makeover I did a while back so it doesn’t look like a tornado-hit zone anymore).


  1. eeekkkk cant wait for tomorrrow!!

  2. Really enjoy your posts. If u don't mind me asking what home business do you run?

  3. Author

    Saima: Hehe, hope you enjoyed it?

    Anon: Thanks! I do the blog full-time now 🙂

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