Neon Signs: Everything You Need To Know

Neon Signs: Everything You Need To Know

 I got many, many, many, maannyyyy questions about the neon sign from my home office so I decided to do a quick post on why I think it’s a fantastic pick for your home, ideas for where you can have it, some quick costs and how to order it.

So here we go.

This neon sign is sold by AOOS, run by the nicest guy Scott, and they have a ton of designs. Their full e-store on Ebay is here and on Amazon here. Order info is right at the end of the post.

There are many other signs sold by other brands but I can’t vouch for their quality or delivery service. This was delivered to me under 2 weeks, came packed like a DREAM so no broken parts. Plus, you don’t want to buy something like this and not have the lights work, and this one was perfect. I am a fan.


1. It’s a kickass statement piece. In my home office, this is one of the key things that makes the space shine. And the beauty of such a sign is that you can actually have absolutely no other larger pieces and it would make a statement on its own. I can totally picture this on a large wall (white or a bold color) with absolutely no other artwork/frame and it would look uber sexy.

2. No one else has something like this. I really wanted one because I knew it was unbelievably unique. So, naturally.

3. It’s a fabulous conversation piece. Have a group of unrelated friends over? Awkward silence broken by discussion around neon sign, issues fixed.

4. It’s not just for you. It can be a great housewarming/birthday/anniversary gift for your best friend. Or a fabulous present for someone’s game room – N doesn’t have a game room but I could create a game ‘corner’ for him with a tiny neon sign in there (he would love me). Or just an awesome gift for anyone you really, really like.

4. It comes with a 100% refund. If you’re not happy with your sign (though you won’t be), you can get all your money back. And return shipping is paid for by these guys. AND comes with a 3 year warranty. So basically, there is no excuse and you must get one.

I quickly scoured the online store and picked out the ones I would choose and which rooms they would go to, if I had to do this all over again. The AOOS tag on all images is just for the pictures, not there in real.

In the living room. SO chic. The brick looks really amazing but this would look just as fantastic against a dark wall or a stark white one. Purchase link here.
Above the bed, as a headboard. KICKASS. Purchase link here.
I would LOVE this in my entryway/corridor. Get people into your house with a bang. Purchase link here.
No explanation needed. This would be an epic gift. Purchase link here. Also, see the mancave sign. And the pinball one.
The signs come in a number of sizes and prices start at USD 48 upwards (PKR 5000/AED 170). Mine is 24″ x 20″. Even a smaller size would look SO good – at your nightstand for example? Instead of a traditional lamp, floating right above your side table (like this one)? I just thought of this idea and I think I’m totally doing it for myself in my next home.

Just directly buy the one you want from AOOS’s store on Ebay or Amazon. If you have questions, you can drop an email to If the store doesn’t ship to your country, write to them and make something happen, because the world needs it.

PLEASE, please check with them about the size of the sign you’re choosing so there’s no confusion. Also, ask them about the signs without the black square frame, I think they look more edgy (but even the ones with the black box frame are super cool).

If you get one, tell me about it. I’d LOVE to not just know but see your piece too.

See my home office space here where my own sign lives.


  1. Wowow. I love the ideas you have given for other signs and where they can go. Absolutely love this post. Please do more of such posts where you suggest how else something can be used !

  2. Wowow. I love the ideas you have given for other signs and where they can go. Absolutely love this post. Please do more of such posts where you suggest how else something can be used !

  3. Love the alternate ideas. The neon sign is the stuff of dreams.

  4. Would love to have this at my place indeed. Lovely ideas. Brilliant as always dww

  5. love these ideas! So fantastic!

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