My Nepal Shopping

My Nepal Shopping

Pretty much wrapping up all of my Nepal posts with this one, about the tiny bit shopping I did there. Shopping on vacation is the lowest priority item for me and for years I would come back from trips with nothing except lots of photographs. Lately I’ve started to get at least one item for my place (and one for my mom’s), just so I can have a little part of my travels in line of sight all the time.

Nepal is dirt cheap. Shopping is ridiculously inexpensive. So I decided to ‘go overboard’ (according to my standards) and bring back some stuff for people I liked (including myself, I do like myself). Excited to use all of this, YUS.

My MOST favorite of the entire lot. N actually found this shop and said, ‘you’re going to like these’. And the answer to that was, OF KWOS. You find such stuff in Pakistan, sure, but they have the most unbelievable cushion in the sole which I’ve never experienced before (maybe I’m outdated) and they are the most comfortable khussas in the world ever. I picked this up from the Lakeside Market from a shop called Cashmere Center and they were for NPR 1000, which is just about 1000 Pakistani rupees and about 30 dirhams. Without bargaining.
I love postcards and these are going on my desk. Also picked up bookmarks for my best friend who’s always reading books. And, got one for N’s sister.
The rings are for me. The spoon is for my house. Not sure where it’s going to go, perhaps a side table? I love the red ring and want to wear it all the time. The middle one is simple but I wanted something for everyday, basic wear. All of this was for 30 dirhams, I think.

For those of you who saw me losing my mind on SnapChat over this kurta I got stitched in Nepal….I apologise. So the story is, N and I were walking through the market one day and saw this shop that said “We stitch anything in one hour”. I asked the tailor, “One hour?”. She nodded and said, “One hour”. I obviously had to pursue this opportunity. The shop had men’s fabric and I’ve been wanting a kurta in that since AGES now so I quickly picked this striped one, gave my measurements, all in under 3 mins and was on my way. Picked up the kurta at night on the way back to the hotel and life was complete. I WAS IN LOVE. Before you judge me for being this thrilled over a clothing item that looks so basic, I want to remind you that I’m super lazy and I usually only get something that I’ve been really, really, really wanting, after a few months of procrastinating. Getting a kurta stitched in an hour, that too from Nepal, was unexpected and something I so don’t do. It was one of the highlights of my trip (and unfortunately I have no shame in admitting that). I got this for about 30 dirhams (again, without bargaining), fabric and stitching included, from the Lakeside Market at a shop called Niranjan Fabrics near Halan Chowk. 
My love for tea is pretty spectacular. And so I got lots of these for myself and a few friends. Have already gone through one box, moving to the green tea shortly.
Got this for my mom. It’s an incense holder but I totally don’t expect her to burn any incense in the house. This is just so she can keep it somewhere because it’s too freaking gorgeous. It’s got real stone all over and has sanskrit (?) inscriptions (?) on it.
This isn’t something I bought but we got these as part of our welcome to The Pavilion Himalayas. And I brought them back because I want to hang them somewhere around the house. Nothing’s decided yet.
That’s ittttt. I lahv my shopping. You like? 
Until next time.


  1. Love this post! I know you dont really love shopping 😛 but can you do regular posts of what you have shopped over 1-2 months. Would love to see!

  2. Love this post! I know you dont really love shopping 😛 but can you do regular posts of what you have shopped over 1-2 months. Would love to see!

  3. I was just joking to my sister that if you were under 20 you would ve written Nepal Haul Lovin'! I absolutely love everything though the kurta pic is not loading 🙁 time to plan a Nepal trip!

  4. Thank u Shen I have already decided where to keep them
    It will be on the box I bought from Dachi Mela

  5. Absolutely love the shopping. Your best friend is lucky to have someone as thoughtful as you. Kurta is love

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