My Beauty Day Out *insert LOL*

My Beauty Day Out *insert LOL*

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Guys. I’m the laziest person you’ll find and taking care of my skin is unbelievably low on my priority list. I want to do kickass stuff for my skincare regime but I’m slow on the execution front. However, since I’m in my 30s, there’s going to come a point very soon when I’m not going to be able to get away with this lax attitude. Something needs to be done.

I get a review invite for some kind of a beauty treatment nearly every couple of days. I’ve been silently ignoring them all this time but I’m going to start taking some action and not just pay attention to my much neglected skin but also take you guys into places I like and the services that make me go ‘omg’ like a hyperventilating teenager that just caught Bieber’s sweaty t-shirt at a concert. I’ll try do a range of services and budgets so let’s go.

So I’m starting with a facial I got at The White Room in Dubai. I booked myself in for a one hour treatment called Plasir d’Aromes which promised glowing skin on their menu. I thought it would be a good move before my brother’s wedding and plus I’d been looking super tired the past few days. I went straight from another meeting and got in about a half hour early. The spa was quiet but busy so I got myself some lemon water from their dispenser while waiting my turn.

I had a headache and was feeling a little off but I saw the facial room and was instantly ready to get in the ‘zone’ (I don’t know what the zone is, just go with it). I’ve gotten about 6-7 facials done in my entire life (not a statistic I’m proud to quote) but not all manage to have enough space or great lighting to set the mood. This one did.

I quickly settled in and lay down for the magic to begin. My technician was a quiet, mind-your-own-business kind of person called Ella.  This is going to sound like I’m the queen of England and (and now imagine this in your best british accent) AH-DON-WONT-ANYONE-TO-TOK-TO-ME….but I LOVE it when the technician doesn’t talk to you during a facial. I mean, you’re supposed to go all zen and stuff, that can’t happen with conversation.

She explained each step to me as they happened. She started with an awesome hand and face massage. Then cleansing, exfoliation, pore opening and lots of steam. She then spent a good 15 minutes on my face removing whiteheads/blackheads/other-nasty-stuff I’d been carrying around since months. Next she did something else which I don’t remember and wrapped it up with some kind of a relaxing mask. In between she gave tiny, but very killer, hand/feet/arm/head/neck/shoulder and back massages – I was SO.FREAKING.RELAXED. (I may have mixed up the order of some things so don’t go ninja on me if the flow feels incorrect, just focus on the content)

60 minutes later (and whattay awesome 60 minutes) it was over. I lazily got up and checked my face – and if I’m lying, may my metabolism instantly slow down by 10% – but my skin was positively glowing. This image was right after I finished, with nothing but a moisturizer on, and my skin was so clean, it’s never been this clean before. (I have a few spots on my face which the camera filtered out, I forgot to turn the ‘beauty filter’ off, apologies for that, but the glow is ALL REAL). It really, truly was a radiance facial, you guys.

Since I absolutely loved the treatment, I quickly took pictures of the whole space (because that meant I’d write about it). Check out the photos below and some info on the White Room, right at the end, if you’d like to get some magic beans there too.

The massage room.

The main area. It’s got a ton of pedicure and manicure stations and probably the busiest sections of the spa.

Where: The White Room

What: Plasir d’Aromes Facial Treatment
Duration: 60 mins
Cost: AED 295
Service Menu: here
Technician who did my treatment: Ella
What I loved: Thorough, very detailed, relaxing, skin was absolutely glowing after. Polite and helpful staff,
What could have been better: I’m verrrrry easy-going so these things don’t bother me but I realise that not everyone is that way (and nothing wrong with that) so I’m listing what some may find troubling – The door to the facial room was a sliding one but the mechanism was screwed up so it opened and closed with noise and also didn’t shut all the way so you could hear slow chatter from outside sometimes. Didn’t bother me, I was in the zone.
What else: I asked the technician that since she’d seen my skin so up close, what would she recommend if I came back, and she suggested the Le Grand Classique (90 mins/350 aed). I really trust her based on how well she did my treatment so I would definitely go with her recommendation.

Locations: Dubai Marina, JLT, Motor City (Facial treatment only available in JLT)
White Room Social Media: FacebookInstagramTwitter.
Level: Mid-tier
Would I go back: Yes
Recommend: Yes

Until next time.


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    By Priya: I died on the bieber tshirt example! ROFL. Love this. I would love to see more and more salon reviews.

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    By Anonymous: loved this! your skin really does look veryyy clean! going to try this out

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    By Atiya: GASP how you have denied yourself massages, manicures and pedicures is beyond me. It is the best thing you can do to yourself. SIGH, this clinical white space and the essie polishes are just making me feel some type of way.

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    By Anonymous: I tried the white room. But it is very dirty and unprofessional staff. I went for haircut and waxing and they burnt my skin. Got rashes for days

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    Mikster: Totally going there next time i go to dubai

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    J.P: I love the white room. It's budget friendly and gives good service. I like to go there for regular basic stuff but prefer more high-end salon when I want more luxury 🙂

  7. Wow your skin is glowing but I heard many salons don't give steam now

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