Kitchen Projects Part 2: That Ugly Backsplash (and more)

Kitchen Projects Part 2: That Ugly Backsplash (and more)

So guys, kitchen projects are being discussed and you can check out the first part on that here (which includes the DIY duct tape refrigerator and contact paper cabinets & countertops). Today, I’ll talk you through two projects (and then a really tiny third one) which were minimal but really helped set it all into place. Let us?

How To Glam Up An Ugly Backsplash

In an ideal world, I would have painted over the tile in the backsplash. Or changed the thing entirely and have the sexiest tile in place. As per my observations, this is not an ideal world.

So we do workarounds.

I hated the backsplash with a passion. If this had been a closed kitchen, I wouldn’t have minded it at all. But seeing this tile from my couch was a dealbreaker for me. There wasn’t much I could do to it to make it go away so I decided to camouflage it.

Enter artwork.

I used these food illustrations by Sara Zin and they ended up being perfect. They were bright and cheerful so they pulled focus away from the boring tile and onto the artwork. They were fun and so appropriate for the kitchen space, even though I would repurpose them for any space in the house. The second I put them up, I knew I loved them.

You can get your hands on Sara’s work at her online store right here. Tell me if you don’t want to pull the food out of her illustrations urgently? It looks incredible. Sara, by the way, is an artist and freelance illustrator and has an illustrated cookbook coming out in May, called the Starving Artist, which is going to have all of this artwork and more. I WANT THAT BOOK FOR MY COFFEE TABLE, IF ANYONE’S LISTENING, THANKS.

If you decide to love her as much as me, then check more of her work at and

The day I put the frames up, it was like my kitchen was getting ready to go out, was all glammed up and then I added the lipcolor. Perfect finishing touch.

Sideboard Revamp + DIY Pom-poms

This is super straightforward but I thought I’d show you this sideboard’s journey anyway. Standard dark piece of furniture that I got second-hand off Dubizzle. Check out its dark past below (pun unintended).

It took in all of my kitchen stuff that earlier had no space so I loved its giving nature – I just didn’t like its face. And so like every self-respecting individual from the 21st century, I gave it a facelift because that’s what you do (This is a joke….I think).

This was the 6-step procedure:
1) Painted the whole thing white.
2) Painted the handles/knobs gold.
3) Added a wood-print contact paper to the legs, just for some added dimension.

4) Hung pom-poms and a leaf tassel from the handles to break all the white and throw some color into the room. You can check out how to do pom-poms from my earlier blog post here, but for these ones I did something extra.
    – Added black & white yarn to thread through the pom-poms.
    – Combined different yarns into one pom-pom to get a few multi-colored ones.
    – Cut off stems from a few artificial IKEA plants, tied them together with twine and voila, the leaf tassel was born.

5) Added bright accessories on top of the sideboard to accomplish purpose mentioned in point 4.
6) Loved it.

DIY Plant Pot

Simply added gold contact paper to a plain terracotta pot. Left the top part naked because I liked the extra texture the original bit was adding (and the gold contact paper is thick and not so good around edges so it would have looked like a mess).

That’s about it. And we are done with the kitchen. Kwoschuns?

Until next time.


  1. I love that you share every single possible thing. I have made some serious plans to duct tape my fridge as well. And I need artwork in my kitchen too! Such a unique idea! You're an amazing blogger, lots of love to you!!

  2. discovered your blog yesterday, instant fan!!

  3. So soo are such a genius. Loved the cabinet the most. U amaze me truly and sooo much hard work its woww

  4. Author

    Nimra: Thank you! Such comments make me flyyyyyy

    Anon: Welcomeeee 🙂

    Mikster: Much thankings

  5. Hey how did you put up the frames on the backsplash as I know we aren't allowed to drill nails in the tile? Is it double sided tape? Is it good for heavier frames or just these light ones?
    Please helppppp

  6. Author

    Hey Mishail. This is with double sided tape and the one I used would hold up lighter frames only. But I know that 3M makes these for various weights so pretty heavy frames can be mounted without drilling as well.

    1. Author

      They're covered in contact paper. The link is above at the beginning of the post where I explain that in detail.

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