Next Friday I’m going to be in Lahore, woohoo. Going to miss this view (from my bedroom, FYI) for a month before I can get back to it end of December. N and I have plans to go on a boat tour around the marina today after lunch with friends. Excited about that monumentally. Not so much about the shopping I need to do afterwards for my mom for the wedding. Aiming to finish it all by tonight and have a lazy Saturday at home, FINGERS CROSSED.

Saw the “No Time Cook Book‘ a few days ago and I just loved it….for it’s presentation. I mean, I didn’t enough to browse through the recipes but the illustrations and details had me swooning. It does talk about giving you 100 recipes for under 20 minutes or less so I might just go back and get it one day.

Some more fabric scouring in Deira with N.

N and I were out with friends last weekend with plans to watch Spectre. After the movie, we got hungry (naturally) and decided to have chicken wings at Wing Stop. Our friends had already tried them out before and had been raving about them since a few days. And they weren’t wrong. There’s something special about having a meal entirely made out of wings and that too, really good ones. We ordered a mix of flavors: Parmesan, BBQ, Louisiana Rub and Atomic (crazy spicy). My favorites were the first two, with extra special vibes for BBQ. The weather’s gotten so great in Dubai so we sat outside and stuffed our faces and had quite the perfect weekend.

Future pom-poms. LOL. Yarn heaven at Magrudy’s.

Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. wish you would do a readers meetup in pakistan one day 😛

  2. love this series

  3. that book looks JUST like what I need!

  4. Lookin fwd to the pom poms and the view is breathtaking

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