Favorite Thing: This Kickass Liquid Lipcolor

Favorite Thing: This Kickass Liquid Lipcolor

I’ll be honest, I’ve had this liquid lip in my life for less than a week only, but being a lipstick enthusiast I can tell you, I know this is the good stuff. I’ve been testing it out for a couple of days and LOVE it.

Okay, so this beauty is from the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet collection and is a matte liquid lipcolor. Now these were sent to me but since I’m not a liquid lip fan I was procrastinating on using them until one of you commented on my insta about loving Bourjois’s liquid formula. I immediately tried it and was an instant believer.

What I love about these:

1. Matte. I’m not a gloss fan (for myself) but it works like a regular matte lipstick despite being liquid (not all liquids can do that).

2. Super light. It goes on very light and you can barely feel it on your mouth.

3. Pigmented. The colors are RICH. It’s super tragic when the color looks good on the stick but translates to very sheer; not the case with this one. One swipe has lots of power.

4. Buildable. Even though it goes on very pigmented, you can blot it and build the color up or down. I prefer to apply one layer and blot it down and then layer/blot some more, and eventually turn it into more of a stain.

5. Kickass staying power. I subjected it to the chai/coffee/food/lots-of-conversation test and it passed. lasted for HOURS. Doesn’t budge or bleed.

I was sent two shades. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet No. 13 called Fu(n)cshia (the one I’m wearing in the pictures) and No. 05 called Ole Flamingo. Both are great.

There are many more shades in peach/red/nude, but I think in the UAE there are four. I’ll check and update the post but I’m definitely picking up a couple more. Are these in Pakistan yet?

Check out the full range here.

Until next time.


  1. this color is aaahmazing!! and you loook incredible!

  2. These are defo in Pakistan. Also you NEED to try the NYX xtreme matte lip cremes, gorgeous colors, last forever and ever and SOOO comfy to wear.

  3. I love these velvets! They have been around for a while now. I love that even though they r matte, they aren't drying on the lips and have a little give to the texture…velvety 😉 i also wanted to ask what was that lipcolor u were wearing in your office snapchat tour? Areej

  4. Author

    Anon: Thank youu (K)

    Atiya: I'm getting my sister to bring me lots of NYX from the US but I think I just got the standard lipsticks :O

    Areej: Everything launches super slow in the UAE. And that color on Snapchat was a fictional color, my phone changes colors on everything 🙁 It was the same one. It was better right? LOL.

  5. No way! That was a gorgeous vampy wine red shade :O but this is nice too for summers. I have the color 02 frambourjoise. It's a perfect cross of pink n red. Areej

  6. Also im not a fan of the nyx matte lip cremes…they are too matte n drying on the lips. But the color range is amazing. Areej

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