Caramel Pudding at Sukar

Caramel Pudding at Sukar

Just a couple of weeks ago, N came home and announced, “I’ve got flowers for you”. I don’t care much for flowers so I was surprised why he’d even try that. I looked at him quizzically as he pulled out his hand from behind him and showed me a bag of Sukar with this guy inside. Best flowers ever, you guys.

I have a serious love for caramel pudding. I’ve been having it since I was a kid and it’s always been one of my most favorite desserts to have. If I’m going to find it at a dessert buffet, I’ll be trying it, no matter how stuffed I am. But finding the ultimate caramel pudding is rare and if you’re not a fan, it’s only because you haven’t had the perfect one yet. When done right, it’s almost eat-your-face kind of delicious.

Finding this one at a tiny little bakery in JLT called Sukar was almost a magical experience. I used to live in the area at one time and tried this super casually one day. And it was SO good, I almost cried with joy (no jokes). If my metabolism was more cooperative, I’d probably be having this every couple of weeks.

The texture is amazing. No slimy, slippery character; very rich, creamy and firm. I love the taste of the caramel syrup that comes with most, but often the pudding will be swimming in a tasteless, watery situation. This doesn’t have much syrup but the taste is all there and it’s DELICIOUS. It will melt in your mouth, I promise you.

It’s easily one of my most favorite things in Dubai.

Where: Sukar, House of Desserts
Location: Cluster Q, Promenade Level, Jumeirah Lake Towers
Price: AED 18 per slice
The whole pudding can be ordered on a day’s notice I think.

Eat it and tell me because I love discussing food.


  1. husband and I both love caramel pudding more than we love each other 😀 so whenever there's caramel pudding in sight, we both do our best to reach it and finish it before the other reaches it but since we are nice ppl so we save a spoonful or two for the other ^_^

  2. Author

    Bushra: Haha, best comment! I wish you and your husband lots of caramel puddings, with enough quantities each time to fully satisfy the both of you, amen.

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