Boating with Friends

Boating with Friends

There are few things I love more than activities on water and yet somehow I don’t do them enough. So pulling my friends together and getting on a fun boat ride, that too in the incredible weather that Dubai is offering us these days, was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss.

I’ve been attempting to experiment with our ‘activity calendar’ and trying to not do the regular dinner-movie-foodcoma hangout all the time. So last Friday, two of our friends and N & I got into our weekend mode and headed to the Marina for a 90 minute boat tour with Yellow Boats all around Dubai Marina, The Palm and Atlantis. I won’t lie, I was excited all week for this.

And, MAN, did it exceed expectations.

I live on the Marina so we walked down to their station at 4 pm to be met by this sexy ride.

I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I was majorly excited to see this guy.

Put on our life jackets (ones that auto inflate in the water!), got onto the boat with about 6-7 other people and we were on our way.

The ride started off slow and we slowly glided through the aarina. A lot of people with us on the boat were new to Dubai and these are buildings I mostly see everyday so I had imagined that this part would be just alright. But I’ve never really gone past them while being IN the water and it was really, really beautiful. The weather was PERFECTION.

The boat kept moving along at a steady pace. Kevin, the boat captain, talked about the more famous buildings as we passed by. I took lots of pictures and high-fived N.

Spotted our boat twin speeding along. Hoped we would soon launch into a high-speed boat chase through international waters but that didn’t happen.

The entire Marina skyline is visible from the boat and it looks absolutely beautiful. I’m not such a big-building fan but seeing them from this perspective was something new.

About ten mins out, we had moved  into deeper waters. Kevin told us that the boat was about to pick up speed and we should get ready. You can imagine the thrill at this point.

Suddenly, the boat zipped off and MAN WAS IT EXCITING. Check out that water spray. We were literally flying across the water and it was exhilarating as hell.

Imagine us saying to each other “THIS IS AWESOME”…..then multiply it by 7,869 times. It was that fun. The wind in our faces, the beyond gorgeous waves against which the boat dipped and rose, the exhilarating turns, the perfect weather – it was ahhmazing.

Like a broken record, I’m going to say this, the weather was SO good, you guys. I cannot imagine a better time to get on this. We saw about a dozen yachts, sailboats, scooters speed past us. We waved to a few, a few waved back to us.

This is how we were throughout. No kidding.

The boat stopped next at Atlantis. I’ve never seen such a clear panoramic view of it before; usually you’re driving by/parked next to and it’s too up close. This was different and super pretty.

So naturally I marked that occasion through a picture. Then the boat sped off again.

We came to our last spot, the Burj Al Arab. It was nearing sunset and the building was glimmering in the most gorgeous pinks and oranges. By-the-way, the Burj Al Arab looks pretty grand when you drive past it as well.

Spotted our twin again checking out the same.


Although the tour had three main stops – Dubai Marina, the Palm Atlantis and Burj al Arab – our captain, stopped a couple more times along the way to show us some interesting bits which even I actually had no clue about, despite having lived in Dubai for so long. One of these was the Sheikh’s mega, mega yacht. If I’m saying it looks small in the picture, I’m not lying. That thing was huge. It happened to be in that spot that day and I was most excited to see it (I have a thing for yachts). Also, saw the summer palaces of the royal family that are actually only visible from the water.

Because we had been on the evening tour and sunset’s super early these days, we were lucky enough to catch the sun going down and it was breathtaking.

Just glorious. It was almost dark by the time we slid back into the marina. Between the lights and the water, I was drooling even on the ride back.

It was fun, exciting, adrenaline pumping, beautiful, relaxing – all rolled into one. Visiting Dubai? Do check it out. Living in Dubai? Still check it out. Especially in this weather, this stuff is legit. Our weekend was made.

Check out my full Snapchat video from that day here.

You can get yourself a Yellow Boat tours booked right on their website here. They have tours in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi and you can see all the different rides here, from 30 mins and going all the way up to 90 mins. They also do private charters for large group hangouts AND custom trips as well.

Tour Duration I Recommend: Definitely 90 mins. But if you don’t have time/budget/any-other-reason, all the other slots would be just as good. It’s about the experience and all time slots are enough to get your adrenaline going and hands clapping.

What else? Their 75 and 90 mins tours have buy-one-get-one-free vouchers in the Entertainer. (Even if you’re visiting Dubai, always buy the Entertainer, you recover whatever you put in within the first couple of vouchers. I use the mobile app, FYI.)

And if you’re looking for some fun New Year’s Eve plans, this is what I totally recommend: Catch the Fireworks show all around the Burj Al Arab right from your boat. (Getting to the Burj Khalifa fireworks is a nightmare so this is the answer). No parking issues, no getting stranded in traffic for hours (metro ridiculously close by). AED 500 per person and you can book it here. Get your friends together, grab some takeout, have a good meal and then get to the boat with some snacks, kick back and enjoy the show. Perfection.

Happy boating. Until next time.


  1. this looks like a lot of fun! i havent ever thought about doing something like this, definitely must check out!

  2. Omg this looks like fun I LOVE being on boats and near the water, must be a Karachi thing. Someday when I am in Dubai I'll do this fo sho.

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