Project Apartment – Kitchen Makeover: BEFORE

Project Apartment – Kitchen Makeover: BEFORE

Is it possible to absolutely hate a space and then fall super hard for it? When I moved into this apartment, I made it perfectly clear that I wasn’t going to be best friends with it, see my (adorable?) rant here (and the rest of the living room space). I loved all the natural light….but that was about it.

The living room had a tough shape and unlike my previous apartment, was super cramped and so none of my stuff was fitting. The kitchen had no inhibitions and was intruding into the living room like nobody’s business. There was no visual separation between the living and the kitchen space and initially we just felt like we were watching TV on a couch… the kitchen. That was not fun.

After a couple of months of hating on it, I slapped myself and decided to get over it. I had to make it work. I got a bunch of ideas from you guys on what to do about it and mentally tested lots of options. Thought about adding a counter of sorts and separate the living room area and the kitchen – but that was eating up way too much space and creating an obstacle course of sorts, and both N and I weren’t up for performing such demanding acrobatics on a daily basis.

Here’s what I didn’t like about the kitchen:

1. Countertop & Cabinets: The look was just giving me an ulcer. I wanted a cheerful, bright space that would call out to me every morning, “Come, let’s make some biryani together” but I just wasn’t feeling it. Sure, the situation wasn’t that bad, but it just wasn’t me.

2. The refrigerator. It came with the apartment and while in a regular, separate kitchen space, it would totally work, seeing this while hanging out on my couch just made me hate it. I just could not find any love for it in my heart.

3. Lack of storage space. The cabinet space was not enough for my stuff. I had dishes, baking pans, glasses, mugs, pantry stuff like breakfast cereals, fruit, tea coffee, spices. The cabinets weren’t deep enough for a lot of the cooking pots and pans and so I needed to add some extra storage space.

(There was also the single sink situation so dishes had to be done at the speed of light or it would get messy in seconds. So basically there were dirty dishes to look at, in the mix too. But there was nothing I could do about that, that’s just me whining.)

Overhauling a rental kitchen is really not a life priority for me so I wanted some temporary solution that would look good and also not have my landlord crucify me over when I moved out.

I eventually decided to swing it loft-style and embrace the kitchen. It was an eye-sore but I was on a mission. Kitchen, I said, you are right there in my face so I’m going to accept you being right there in my face. And take you from your sad, depressed disposition to a happy, part-of-the-family space.

And I think I managed. I cannot wait to show you the transformation this week. Are you excited? I’m SO excited.

Note: I’ll be testing a lighter image format, for about a month, that should load faster for you guys so if you have any image loading issues let me know, please. 


  1. i just can NOTTT wait!! Tomorrow or day after?

  2. my mind is going crazy thinking about what you've done to the space 😀 ive seen extremely small snippets on snapchat but excited to see the final result :D:D

  3. I'm always having issues with the photos loading on my phone. Half of them load the rest don't. It's still the same. I very sad

  4. Pictures aren't loading again. And i refuse to believe there isn't a solution to this. 😀 Areej

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