Nepal: Part 3

Nepal: Part 3

Last installment of my Nepal trip is here, boys. And undoubtedly the most fun bit of it. Ending the trip on such a high was not something we’d planned but what a decision, you guys.

You can check out Part 1 here and 2 here.

So we got up on our second last day in Pokhara at 8 am, super pumped for paragliding. I quickly took a picture at our hotel to commemorate this special occasion.

Got to the paragliding office and excitedly waited to be taken up to the spot. Their jump-off point was at one of the highest points, as you can imagine, so it was about a 30 minute ride to the top. The car was packed full with a bunch of people wanting to paraglide and the pilots. Woohoo. Bollywood music was playing in the car, FYI (bollywood music is everywhere).

The views at this point were INSANE. It was really high up and I won’t lie, I got super scared for about 5 full minutes. I got into my gear before N – you see me smiling but my heart was crying inside. I WAS SCARED. 

Here were the instructions this guy gave me: Start walking, then running and then run off the cliff. Umm, okay? This was the edge of that cliff and even though he was going to be strapped on behind me, I was TRAUMATISED. I mean.  

HOWEVER, the second I started walking, magically all fear left me and running off the cliff didn’t even feel like suicide. The glider picks up the second you start walking so it lifts you up itself and there’s not much you have to do except just sit back and enjoy. You guys, this experience is incredible. The Pokhara landscape is fantastic and the fact that you’re flying in air, at that height, is unmatched. It’s a must, must do. I could not digest the fact that we live on this fantastic planet and felt so blessed for being physically and financially able to do this. SO GOOD.

I think N’s pilot took much better angles and pictures by the way, so unfair. Anyway, the whole thing was about 15-20 minutes (because of the early morning time slot, the 11 am ones are about 30 minutes – some thermals logic). Now during the whole thing you’re pretty much smoothly flying here and there, it’s very calm and peaceful. Right at the end of it, the pilot did acrobatics in which you turn by 90 degree angles and it’s SO FUN. You can opt out of it, but man of man, it’s so worth it.

Check out that landscape. FYI, for those who’re not comfortable with male (or human) contact, you’re strapped into two separate ‘seats’ so there’s close proximity but no contact so anyone can do this. I landed before N, then saw him land, ran over and happily hugged. It WAS AWESOME.

After the paragliding, all we wanted to do was eat so we headed off to get food at The Fishtail Lodge which is actually a hotel but I’d read great stuff about its food and the views so I knew I wanted to check it out. The hotel is right on the lake but you need to take a tiny, tiny ferry ride to get to it (there’s no other way).

It was already so gorgeous here, I had decided I’d like the food even if it sucked.

We got to the restaurant which was only serving hi-tea at that time (you need to check their lunch and dinner timings). We were hungry and wanted a massive meal but decided to just have some stuff there because, HUNGRY. Plus, beauty.

This restaurant has the best views of the lake, undoubtedly (I’m not sure if their rooms do, as well). It was so quiet, peaceful and gorgeous there, it was impossible to not enjoy even a salad at that point (actually, no, but you know what I mean).

I didn’t order much because we decided on getting a pizza later but I wish I had because even their hi-tea had tons of stuff. I got the chowmein which was one of the best I’ve had ever (no exaggeration).

And these cheese pakodas. I’d have both in a heartbeat, if I could. SO, SO SO GOOD. DYING. Spent the rest of the day chilling at the lakeside, did some mild tea shopping, got something for my mom and headed back to the hotel.

The next morning we got up at 4:30 am (YESSSS, IMAGINE THAT) because we’d decided we wanted to see the sunrise at Sarangkot which everyone describes as the most unbelievable thing ever because you see the sun rise against the himalayas (google the pictures, it’s beautiful as hell). We’d booked a car that took us all the way up there and we reached around 5:15 am. We grabbed masala chais, sat down and  watched things coming to life. It was pitch black and we were the only ones there at that time. It was slightly chilly and OH SO GOOD.

It was incredibly cloudy that day so we ended up seeing NOTHING. HOWEVER, experiencing all that quiet, the super sweet view, seeing the whole world wake up, the nature, the chill was all beautiful. We hung out here long past sunrise.

And the masala chai was so good up there, we had a couple more (naturally).

I cannot imagine how incredible this experience would be if you could see the entire mountain range. We caught a peek of the tip of the highest mountain for about a minute when the clouds parted -GUYS, IT WAS PURE MAGIC. I never thought seeing a mountain – that too, a tip – could get me in such awe, but it happened. Imagine, seeing ALL OF THEM.

After getting back down from the top, we rested at the hotel for a bit because our ziplining booking was a couple of hours out. We got to the ziplining office and then drove up to the point with a group of other people. It was a 45 min ride and the highest we had been on our entire trip. I saw the drop and my soul died. I mean, see it.

It was so high you guys. This zipline was the highest in the world uptil a couple of years ago, now I don’t know which one is. But it was high. 600 m. 140 km/hour. I WAS SHIT SCARED. See that second peak from the left, that’s where it started from. SHOOT.

This zipline straps you into a seat as well and you fly down sort-of vertically for a bit. When you’re waiting for launch, you actually cannot see all the way down. And that’s the kind of view that kills your soul. But somehow, here as well, just before we were ready to set off, all fear left my body (after having destroyed me for the 20 minutes that we waited our turn) and I went nuts. It was SO FAST, it’s undoubtedly the BEST thing I’ve ever done (of course after marrying you, honey – he reads the blog). N and I were on parallel wires but I zipped ahead because I’m usually better at most things.

Again, the landscape is brutally gorgeous. It goes so fast and at SUCH a height. It’s brilliant.

Before you judge us for being so unsophisticated, they ask you to keep your legs hanging in front of you like that (although doubt they’d be any other way at that speed, LOL).

Paragliding was fantastic but ziplining was phenomenal. I wouldn’t pick one over the other; I was just ridiculously happy I did them in that order. N and I were over the moon over having finished the trip on such a high. We had our flight in a few hours after this so we picked up our bags from the hotel and headed to the airport. Happy and thrilled.

Nepal, turned out to be one of the best vacations I’ve taken ever. It’s a beautiful country, with undeniable beauty, super mild and kind people, great food, inexpensive shopping and amazing adventure sports.

Do see it at least once in your life.


  1. I am surprised you have not done Bungee Jumping, especially when you live in Dubai. I visited Dubai to do it but they were closed for the season. All the pictures are incredibly beautiful. I cannot wait to go to Nepal at some point in my life. 🙂

  2. Oh my god. This is AWESOME. I am kind of a thrill seeking junkie so this is right up my alley. I totally know about that fear…felt the same skydiving…I have to try zipline now. Bas it's happening 😀

  3. I am totally doing both these things in next 12 months insha Allah. You are such an inspiration

  4. Hey, so this is amazing. When are you telling us about the costs?! i cant wait to plan it so pleaaaaaase tell fast. Also i have noticed some of the pictures dont open up when I open your posts on my iPhone or MacBook. I use safari in iPhone and chrome in MacBook. So maybe you would want to look at the picture format?

  5. Author

    Sumaica: The bungee here is a sorry excuse 🙁 Very unappeaking setup and not that high so I've kept that experience for a place where I can truly enjoy it. Be totally happy that you didn't do it in Dubai. And thanks for the pictures lovingggg 🙂
    Atiya: I don't know how you can do skydiving, it's the SCARIEST. But after doing this, I feel I can think about it, versus just writing it off earlier 😀
    Mikster: YESSSS
    Beenish: Now you have the costs 🙂 And I'm hoping the pictures are working now? If not, please please do let me know 🙂

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