Nepal: Part 2

Nepal: Part 2

After our 2 day stay in the very secluded Pavilions Himalayas, we moved to one of the more commercial sides of Pokhara called the Lakeside, because I wanted to experience some local life and to have everything within easy access. The Lakeside area is built around, no prizes for guessing, a lake. Pokhara has a number of gorgeous lakes, but this one called Phewa/Fewa Lake, has the most action around it. There are shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and lots and lots of B&Bs/motels.

I’m capturing some of what we did in the 4 days we were here in this part, but the remaining tiny bit I’ll be sharing in Part 3, tomorrow. You can see Part 1 here.

We stayed at the Waterfront Resort, which was quite easily the best decision we made. It’s a 3-star hotel (I think) and was located right next to the lake which was AWESOME. So, so, so pretty. The minute we checked in, it started raining so I quickly made the most obvious decision: get chai and land on the balcony with N.

The hotel was super simple but extremely clean and the staff was one of the best staff I’ve ever seen. And their food was GOOD – we’re lazy so we ordered in room service on two nights at least and I possibly gave my heart away to their fish curry (which I usually do not like). I LOVED it here.

Anyway, after a bit of chilling in the room, we walked down to the market. The market runs parallel to the lake but you don’t really see the water while you’re walking through. It’s a really fun place regardless and if you’re into local tiny shops like me, you’d love it.

I’m not much of a holiday shopper – the only thing I pick up is one thing for my home and one thing for my mom’s. But the stuff was so ridiculously cheap here (without bargaining) that I actually got a couple of things more (which I’ll post about soon).

So lots and lots of shops for jewelery, clothes, bags, stationery, home decor, tattoos, tea, and a bunch of other stuff. N and I came down here for random strolls everyday. It was about a 25 minute walk but our hotel also had a shuttle so we alternated between both.

What surprised me the most about Pokhara: nobody looks at you. Everyone was minding their own business, no nasty ogling by ANYONE (shocker), women wore all sorts of clothes. It was super, super comfortable. Not sure about the rest of Nepal but Pokhara was extremely calm and accepting. AND so clean. The Lakeside market had absolutely no dumps of trash or random loose bags all around. It was impressive.

And then there were all these quaint lodges and restaurants.

Spot N feeling lonely while I took pictures.

On of our lunches, we stopped at this restaurant that we’d read had good food. The red brick, by the way, is very signature Nepal. It’s almost everywhere, starting from the airport (and being such a red brick fan, I’d obviously decided in a second after landing that I loved this place).

We ordered the most ridiculously amazing maragarita pizza I’ve had in MY LIFE. It was so good, I wish I’d had it a second time. We had it at a place called the Chilly Bar & restaurant.

In the most unusual combination ever, we also ordered a Neplai thali at the same place and it was just as kickass. If you go to Nepal, you must try their thali, it was the bomb. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t really love vegetables.

Also had crepes and coffee during our walk arounds (though the crepe was alright, I’ve had better).

Found this shop with the most gorgeous khussas; N found it actually and said, You’ll like these right?, and I was like OH YEASSS.

Also got lots of teas. Milk tea, masala tea, green tea, I GOT IT ALL. Tea shopping makes me every happy.

The first day at the Lakeside, we hung out entirely in the market area, exploring and eating and eating and exploring. The place starts shutting down at around 8 pm which could be devastating for some but we were already tired by then and headed back to the hotel for room service and TV (naturally).

The second day we decided to get to the actual lake and went boating. IT WAS EPIC.

The lake is gorgeous and amazingly clean. It was the most gorgeous blue on one side and super green on the other because of the reflection of all the trees.

You can actually see the color transition in this picture here.

It was quiet, peaceful and pure magic. Water is medicinal for me really and I was in awe. I don’t know about you guys but these are the moments that really grow my mind and which is why I love spending on travel because it’s the gift to yourself that keeps on giving.

You can stop over at a temple in the middle of the lake but we skipped it, somehow both of us just wanted to stay put and not be interrupted.

Post the boating, we stopped over at this place called Boomerang for chai.

I had kickass Masala chai (doodh patti) everywhere I tried it and I think Nepal does it like no other. This one was specifically really special.

We planned all our adventure stuff for our last couple of days in Pokhara and so Part 3 is going to be mostly about that and you will see it tomorrrrrroow.

Check out Part 1 here.

Until next time.


  1. ive always loved your blog and travel posts are the best <3

  2. Love, love and love ! Traveling is definitely the best gift you can give yourself. You look absolutely gorgeous. And thank you N for your patience, so that we get to see this beauty. 😛

  3. Loving the Nepal series! Post what you got from there. I wanna seeeeee!!

  4. Loved reading this even more than part 1. Your photopgraphy complements your writing so perfectly. Nepal is surley gaining eons of more tourists after this.

    Cant wait for part 3

  5. So so exciting and beautiful ! Your words and pictures are both perfect and such a convincing sell for a holiday in Nepal 😛
    Super excited about part 3 !

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    Anon: Thank you 🙂
    Sumaica: Haha. You are the best!
    Lareb: Yayyy, love your comments (k)

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