Nepal: Part 1

Nepal: Part 1

You guys. My trip to Nepal was easily one of the BEST trips of my life. It’s a country in healing (post the devastating earthquake) but with a spirit. Nepal, specifically Pokhara where I went, is gorgeous, grounded, untouched (unlike so many other commercial locations today) and stays with you long after you’re back. (I still can’t get it out of my mind and I’ve traveled quite a bit; saying in a non-braggy way, feel my soul).

I know, SO MANY of you have asked me about trip details like itinerary, cost, etc. I promise I’ll give you as much as I can over the next few weeks. It’s a place you must put on your list and I definitely want to be the one that pushes you to do that. For this post and the coming one on Nepal (next week), I’ll share trip images so you get a feel of the place – I shared a bit on Insta and lots on Snapchat, but this is the real deal.

AND I’ll share a potential Nepal itinerary/costs with you soon, – the places I saw, the places, I wished I could have seen and then some places I don’t really care for but that have high tourist value and some of you may enjoy. Sound good?

This is Part 1. N and I stayed at The Pavilions Himalayas which is a secluded resort in Pokhara. It was the quiet, wind-down, rest-and-relax, disconnect-from-other-humans-but connect-with-each-other-and-our-own-selves, part of the trip. It was kickass. It’s the most leisurely time I’ve ever spent, just hanging out, talking, eating, taking in your surroundings, going for walks. Even though we were there for only 2 nights, it really felt like double the time.

We landed in Pokhara early morning from Kathmandu where we’d only spent about 6 hours in a shady hotel for the night. The flight to Pokhara is super beautiful and the airport is the tiniest you’ll ever see. We directly headed to the resort from there and after a 10 minute ride, landed in this little piece of heaven.

The resort is enveloped by these gorgeous, green mountains that are breathtakingly beautiful and literally feed your soul. It’s an eco-friendly resort and fully sustainable; they grow their own food, even generate their own power (which went out a couple of times for about 15 mins, but the weather was great so we lived). But it’s all SO beautiful you wouldn’t be able to care.

We got our welcome drinks in and ran to our villa called Tara which means the same thing in Nepali as it does in Urdu (‘star’ for the non-Urdu speakers). Our stay was in the Deluxe Suite which is the biggest villa they have, but all of their rooms are just as great – just with less space, which really doesn’t matter.

Inside our villa. It was the first time I’d stayed in a leveled room and the fact that that got me excited tells you a lot about my life. We instantly crashed on the couch for a bit because couch-crashing is something N and I need to do every few hours to survive.

The room had a view right out on the mountains.

And this is what it looked like when you stepped out. Nature makes me go crazy and I was awestruck.

We headed to the restaurant after a bit to get food in (obviously). The restaurant looks out over the pool. It started raining while were eating and I LOVE THE RAIN so I may have temporarily lost my mind. It was glorious.

Resort food can often be just average (my honeymoon food was quite disappointing so I’m wary of bigger resorts) but out of the 6-7 things N and I jointly tried, their success rate was 85%. This aaloo ka paratha was one of the best parathas I’ve ever had and it’s possible that I may have dreamed about it a few times after coming back (no judgments).

Lunch and it’s starters. It’s hard to go wrong with a potato but these were GREAT.

There’s not much to do at the resort because it’s pretty isolated. You can easily go to the commercial part of the city everyday (25 min drive) but we had decided on a complete system shutdown for two days so we only indulged in lounging and eating with a relentless loop on that plan. This was our ‘regular hangout spot’.

Also, hung out on our terrace to take full advantage of the cool weather and it felt great (even though Dubai is about to get really beautiful weather-wise soon).

With this guy. Always a good time.

Other than all of that, the area was too beautiful to not explore so N and I ventured out randomly on Day 2. No directions, no map, no agenda. We just walked around and it was SO GOOD, you guys. I mean, look at that landscape.

We found this gorgeous, hidden trail somewhere along the way and I immediately jumped in. N doesn’t love ‘trekking’ (my snail version) at all but the guy loves me, so he also joined in.

Nature’s unbelievable. It resets you, fixes you up. The best natural servicing for the human soul that there ever can be.

We spent a couple of hours here, took pictures, got a few insect bites and saw a monkey. Life felt fulfilled.

Then N suggested we walk down to the river that was running close by and hang out. I said yes.

One of my most favorite memories from the trip are at this point. We crossed the river to get to this side. I’m short so the water was up till my thighs, I wont lie, I was scared of falling and screwing up my camera. N asked to carry it for me but I didn’t give it to him because I’m a daredevil like that.

We hung out here for about an hour and talked random. It was so calming, so relaxing, so, so, so good. There’s something about water that grounds you, it was amazing. Also, I prayed for it to rain but it didn’t.

Headed back to the resort, had food, watched lots of random TV, had chai, talked and called it a night.

The next morning we checked out. But obviously not before a good breakfast. Guys, their breakfast is SO GOOD. It’s a giant ass spread with SO MUCH STUFF. We took a picture while waiting for our food.

These were rice pancakes and they were KICKASS. I WISH I could have them one more time (a part of my soul just died looking at that picture again). Also, I may have consumed 4 cinnamon rolls at some point during all of this (they were fresh and hot and totally calling out my name).

Waited for the cab to come pick us up and take us to the Pokhara Lakeside which is where the action happens (basically I don’t dress for the pool like this).

It was the best two days and I’d go back in a second. Now I CANNOT WAIT to tell you about the rest of the trip because that was another level of awesome. Insert multiple grins.

Did you enjoy this virtual tour? Tell me your feelings.


  1. Awww this post is so lovelyyyy.Really very nice place to go.loved your are looking beautiful dear .Awesome tour : )

  2. The pics are gorgeousss and cant wait for the remainimg parts. Thanksss dww

  3. Errmagerdd! This is SO beautiful and I am like not a big nature girl to quote the Parent Trap. But like WHOA. So much greeeen. super jealous you were spending bakra eid here unlike the rest of us :O

  4. God u killer with ur parts!! Can't wait for the next though I've had religiously followed the trip on snap chat. Loved the virtual tour once again!!

  5. OMG ! The wait was completely worth it. Just by seeing your instagram feed, I had included Nepal in my travel list. But this is just incredible. After you pass a certain age, you appreciate nature so much more. I am in love with how green and breath takingly beautiful Nepal is. Love this post ! 🙂

  6. Very refreshing… Hard to believe that we can TRULY even disconnect sometimes. Life demands agendas, timetables, to-do lists and constant planning – even for vacation…so it's really exciting that you did something low key yet super fun. Not to mention, it's motivating that you two are taking this time to interact with each other. So easy to lose sight of what's really important in the midst of daily madness. Love the crisp pictures. Keep up the good work!!!

  7. OMG OMG i wannnaaaa gooo!! i love nature and green and this seems to have everything!. Share your costs puhleeeez!

  8. I mean the trip costs 😛 and by the way you guys look awesome. MashaAllah. Many prayers for you guys 🙂

  9. Looks so beautiful! I have a very important question though. How would you rate Nepal for a sole traveler? A girl/woman? You were with your husband but would it be safe and pleasant for someone traveling alone?

    – Mahnoor

    1. I would say if you walk in the middle of the night alone ..Somebody will bother to ask whether you need help . That's the level of security Nepal has. For your kind info must tourist are solo who goes to Nepal.

  10. Author

    Mishal: Thanks babe!
    Mikster: (k)
    Atiya: I'm suchhhh a nature girl 😀
    Maryem: Haha, sorrayy, part 2 sooon.
    Sumaica: It really was amazing, I mean I haven't enjoyed a vacation this much since my honeymoon!
    Scarlett: That's SO true. More and more I only want to do low key on vacation because the rest of life is so high key all the time :O
    Beenish: Haha, glad you clarifed that 😉 Yes I'll do it as soon as I can!

  11. Author

    Mahnoor: Can't say the same for Kathmandu because I didn't spend any time there at all but Pokhara surprised me. One, there are lots of trekker kind of tourists all around. Women wear all kinds of clothes from fully covered to tiny shorts (clothing says a lot about a place to me), the men did not ogle one bit (shocker), very mild temperaments AND I saw women walking alone to work/whatever they were doing at 5 in the morning when it was pitch dark! (I was up for checking out the sunrise). So I realised that women are fairly comfortable on their own in Pokhara at least and it felt quite gender neutral to me. The Lakeside area is always bustling with activity during the day so thats a great place to stay I'd think if you were traveling alone (I'll write about that area soon).

  12. u workout ?

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