Kick-Butt Buys Of The Week: Dubai + Pakistan

Kick-Butt Buys Of The Week: Dubai + Pakistan

PAKISTAN: There are some things in life that you have to have and these Leather Khussas from Jooti Shooti are one of them. Leather and handpainted, they come in a bunch of truck art inspired designs and are absolutely beautiful. What I love even more than the gorgeous designs is the fact that they are very lightly padded in the sole; it could just be me living in complete oblivion but all khussas I own are completely flat and can be super bad for your feet. Priced at just PKR 2000, these are a must, must-purchase. I personally had to go one size up because of my broad feet so you might want to keep that in mind if you’ve been blessed like me. Check out the full range hereOrder them online through Jooti Shooti’s Facebook page here. They also have popup stores in Lahore, so message them and ask about those if you’d like to buy in person. THEY ALSO DO DELICIOUS KOHLAPURIS.

DUBAI: I’m SUCH a fan of leather. So these Camera Bags by Ryoko instantly called out to me. Even though I’d lust for these for my camera, they also function to fit a MacBook. Love the brass hardware and all the different compartments inside (for your camera accessories like lens, memory cards, etc.). Priced at AED 890, this is selling on Little Majlis and if you’re looking for a long-term leather investment, this is a solid purchase. They have lots more on their website which you can check out here. AND if it feels too pricey for you, you can indulge a tiny bit and get their leather camera strap right here.

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  1. your picks are always the best! i've bought so much because of you, please stopppppppp haha (please dont) – samreen

  2. Hey! Thanks for featuring our leather goods 🙂

    Love, Ryokō Bags

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