Girls’ Trip! ( Also known as December Mania Edition 2015)

Girls’ Trip! ( Also known as December Mania Edition 2015)

Two years ago, around this time, I was whatsapp voice-chatting with two of my best friends, M & S about random shit. Another one of my closest friends was getting married and so I told them that I would be going to Islamabad for his wedding in a couple of months. Somehow, someone picked up that fact and suggested all of us get together in Islamabad and do a girls’ trip right before the wedding (since the idea was a phenomenal success, we’re still fighting over who came up with it originally – however because it’s my blog so I’m going to say it was me, HIGH-FIVE. Also, SUCK IT, you two).

We immediately booked our tickets and in two months flew in to Islamabad from Dubai (me), Karachi (S), Lahore (M) and launched what we very unfortunately started calling, December Mania (that name is like that tragically terrible crush you swooned over for a good part of your teenage years and now can’t disown and have to accept as a part of your life).

It was minus all family and societal obligations. Just the three of us, our incessant conversations about important as well as extremely irrelevant stuff and lots of good food. It was epic.

We did it again last year in Dubai, extended it from just 3 days in Islamabad to 5, (I recapped it on the blog btw!) and had an even better time, if that’s possible.

And the day we concluded our ‘December Mania’ (go ahead, judge, I’m right there with you) of 2014, we started talking about 2015. We’re that committed to it now.

This year we’ve deferred our plan to the first week of January because my brother’s getting married in December (selfish, I know) and so on the 4th of January, 2016, the three of us pack our bags and head to Thailand! WOOHOOO!

Just this week, we booked our tickets (!!) and have started compiling ‘The List’ (it’s a very structured, carefully curated set of topics that we want to talk about face to face; last year’s list had 213 discussion points, no shit). S is doing the finances, I’m doing the list. M’s been stripped off any responsibility because she fucked up last year and is currently on our blacklist (she’s going to me slap me for this, LOL).

We’re already SO pumped, even though it’s more than two months away. We’ve set ourselves up for a complete beach vacation, so on the agenda are things like being lazy, bumming out at the beach, eating, talking and sort of repeating that combination over five thousand and ninety six times (scientifically calculated number).

Each year we try to make this just a little bit better than the last one and so we’ve planned some simple and meaningful things (and then some ridiculous ones) and WE.JUST.CAN.NOT wait. Will share more soon.

December Mania is ON.


  1. I dont know but it feels like you have the best life. Life goals.

  2. Which cities will you be visitng in Thailand? Went on my honeymoon to Phuket and Bangkok in June.

    – F

  3. OMG cannot wait to find out if M will go to sleep despite promising to stay up all night 😛 and of course all the beautiful pictures <3

  4. Author

    Huma: Super generous you are bas.
    F: We're going to Koh Phangan. Hope you had a great honeymoon 🙂
    Atiya: HAHA. I am SO going to report back on that.
    Mikster: OKAYYYYY 😛

  5. Assalam Alaikum. The excitement level is through the roof. Unable to contain enthusiasm. Esp after inclusion of epic new activities. ????????

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