fabric shopping deira dubai

Went fabric scouting a few days ago to check out what my options looked like if I tried to get something made myself for my brother’s wedding in December. Found this pink one (even though that’s never a color I go for) and fell for it super hard but the guy refused to sell it to me because it was part of wholesale. WHATTTT. Insert, MAJOR disappointment. I begged and pleaded but he didn’t budge; asked me to get the whole 25 yard batch but since I didn’t want to dress my entire family and the neighbors next door in this, I had to leave. (N told me it was average and told me to get over it; I told him to shut up and just grieve with me).

rich dad poor dad

I’m being forced by N, with a passion that won’t quit, to get to this book because he wants us to ‘read it together and change our lives’. I’ve already been asked three times in three different ways on what’s my plan for it this weekend. So that right there is what my weekend is going to look like, FYI. (If you want to see the super cheesy stuff I’m subjected to on a daily basis, check my insta about this book).
DIY pom poms tassel
Yep, made some more pom-poms. (The DIY I did on these guys previously is here).
food illustrations
My kitchen makeover reveal is coming next week, boysss. And you’re going to love it, I promise (because I do). These food illustrations by Sara Zin are one of the highlights of the space for me, can’t wait to show more. Until I do, you can check out her online store here, they’re a must-purchase. I absolutely LOVE her work.
agave lophantha quadricolor succulent
The best discovery of the year for me: desert plants/succulents. They’re such beauties, require minimal upkeep and grow well. This one I bought earlier this year in April and the rightmost shoot is ALL.NEW. I GREW IT, YOU GUYS. I water it about once a month and that’s the best you can get. This one’s called an Agave Lophantha Quadricolor and commonly known as Quadricolor Century Plant (see it without my baby shoot when I bought it here).
Have a great weekend, guys.

Note: I’m trying a different and lighter image format since the last few posts. Tell me if you feel it loads better? Loads fully? Any issues? THENKS!


  1. Hiiii shehzeen…I absolutely love this kapra colours…where can I find these?

  2. Hiiii shehzeen…I absolutely love this kapra colours…where can I find these?

  3. Loveddd the pink fabriccc andd the plant. Any idea where can i get these in khi?

  4. Hmmm don't quite like this kapra…it has an Indian touch to it. (Not to offend anybody but personally I find our stuff better) Fabric dosent seem good quality I am glad you didnt go for it! You should thank your better half:)

  5. Author

    Anon: These were at the Textile Souk in Deira. Roiht next to Meena Bazaar.
    Zarka: Thank you for that! Phew!
    Mikster: Try any nursery babyyyy
    Sarah81: Okay then, haha. 🙂 Onto find something else!

  6. Bhai you know which fabric I'm voting for. Very excited for the kitchen reveal. ??✨?

  7. All pictures loaded! Yes! Areej

  8. Plz don't buy that pink one u get better than this here in Lahore
    I am glad u didn't buy

  9. Hahaha I came here to say what Aunty said 😛 I'm sure this won't be worth the money you pay for it there and there will be MUCH MUCH better things in Lahore /Karachi 🙂
    Also Labels in Lahore will be a great last resort option for picking up ready made things. Good luck ! Makeup services and any other help needed in Karachi..pliss to let me know 😀

  10. I do think though that should get a saree for valima from there ! Indian sarees there are gorgeous and so much more reasonable than here !

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