Friday Brunch With Friends

Friday Brunch With Friends

There is nothing that will set me in a better mood than the prospect of having brunch. It’s super fun, sets you up for the weekend like nothing else and is the most fun way to hang out with good friends on a Friday.

Two of N and I’s best friends in Dubai, who are also married to each other, decided we needed to have brunch on the weekend urgently. The four of us do nearly all social activities together and so we quickly mapped out a weekend plan involving monstrous eating on Friday, watching The Martian afterwards and generous amounts of bumming around in between.

So right after Friday prayers, we got into one car and headed to Dusit Thani for their Friday Brunch at The Californian. It’s an international buffet restaurant and they do themed nights on different days. And for Friday Brunch, it all comes together and they have cuisines from all around the world. What magic.

So we got in at around 2 pm, parked our stuff and headed straight for the buffet. There was so much food, it really took me about ten minutes to decide what I wanted to start with.

Brunch has the power to bring joy like no other meal. It was so fun to just hang out for a relaxed couple of hours, have great food, with people you really like and completely switch off. I may have eaten better somewhere else but I haven’t had such fun over food in the longest time. Their brunch was king. Lots and lots and lots to choose from and really affordable for such a place.

The first round I took, I got myself some beef ribs, kung pao chicken, prawn, sea food noodles, mince meat pie, sushi and chips (drooling right now). The kung pao was undoubtedly the BEST I’ve ever had, I mean this is how you do kung pao. And the noodles were brilliant. Interestingly, we all picked completely different things to eat because there was SO MUCH to pick from. I didn’t love every single thing I had but ENOUGH things were kickass so it was absolute love.

But easily what I gave my heart away to and would even come back and pay full price just for, were these profiteroles (that I was calling vanilla cream/custard filled balls, thank you for correcting me Saeeda haha) that I completely drowned in fondue and had by the dozen. THEY WERE BEYOND.

I went back more times than I should have but I’m proud to declare I brought all folks at the table together by converting all of them into fans of this delicious piece of heaven.

It’s always good to look at food so I’ll let you have a look at some of it (there was way too much to put all of it here). So the Asian stuff like stir fried beef, fried rice, kung pao chicken, seafood noodles.

Breakfast stuff like veal bacon, scrambled eggs, sausages, lots and lots of all kind of bread and cheese.

Beef ribs. These weren’t the best I’ve had but I love ribs so always a fan regardless.

The fresh sushi station.

With this super adorable sushi boat.

Good stuff like the salads, hummus, tabbouleh and pickles.

Lots of desi stuff like biryani, chicken makhni, shawarma, fish. God, this is making me super hungry again.

The dessert spot, easily where I hung out the most.

With stuff like lemon truffles, tiramisu (which N said was one of the best he’s ever had), apple pie, creme brulee, cake, pastries.

And a live crepe station. I mean, this was heaven, obviously.

And the guy who stole my heart and still hasn’t given it back: The fondue station with profiteroles that were clearly made by angels. I had a TON, you guys.

You see what I mean. Just go for these, trust me. They had fresh strawberries and marshmallows too for the fondue but I couldn’t stop having these.

It’s a quiet, relaxed place with a very chilled out vibe. We hung out, relaxed and finished off the afternoon with stuffed tummies and happy hearts. Best weekend.

Friday Brunch at The Californian
Where: Dusit Thani, SZR
Location: 24th Floor
Timings: 12:30 – 4:00 pm
Recommend: Try everything but don’t miss the Kung Pao Chicken, Seafood Noodles and the Profiteroles at the Fondue Station.
Price: AED 225 per person with soft drinks. (Upwards with alcohol/unlimited drinks)
Contact: Website, Facebook
Tip: Book a table in advance next to the window so you don’t miss the views.
Dress code: Casual/Smart casual
Vibe: Quiet, relaxed

Until next time.


  1. This was so fun, you're making me crave brunch with friends :((((

  2. Loved it! Friday brunch with friends sounds like the way to do it! Have heard good things about their brunch, must check out. Is it kid friendly?

  3. Loved the post the pictures and the brunch looks just sooo yummm

  4. Author

    Confused Girl: Go for brunch now now naaaoooooo
    Karen: They don't have options for kids I think, but it's quite spacious so your kids won't feel suffocated. 🙂
    Fauzia: OKAYYYY

  5. Bhai. This is by far. One of the best brunches I have seen. And the chocolate fondue thing makes me want to have Lindt right now. Damn that mix for passing on the addiction to me

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