Project Apartment: Bedroom Makeover Reveal (Part 1)

Project Apartment: Bedroom Makeover Reveal (Part 1)

I’m SO excited to share my bedroom reveal with you guys today. *INSERT SCREAMS*.

I partnered with Jotun Paints and Dubai Garden Centre on this post and I’m absolutely in love with what the two brands let me create. I wanted a dramatic, moody vibe in the bedroom which would somehow be airy and easy at the same time. I really wanted to make sure I could hang out here without feeling heavy during the day and yet magically transform into a very inviting, melodramatic space at night. I feel like this gorgeous paint color does just that (see previous post on it here) and is balanced extremely well with all the green thrown in from the plants.

Because I wanted you guys to have a look at everything there are quite a few images so I’ve split the post up into two parts so that I don’t become the reason your bandwidth gets choked and your relationships suffer because of that. Part 2 is here, don’t miss it. Resource list for everything in the room is at the bottom of the post.

So here’s what the space looked like BEFORE (also shared earlier in this post). I actually lived like this for four months (feel free to judge) before taking the junk out and going all white until I could figure the plan out.

And here’s the AFTER.

Do you love it? I LOVE IT!! I’m going to let the photos do most of the talking and just point out a few things I thought of while putting it all together. Let’s do it.

My focus area in the room was of course this wall which I wanted to be intense. As soon as I’d picked out the color, I immediately knew I wanted a green-on-green effect and I decided to make a big plant the statement piece for this space.

It was impossible for me to not have a bit of gold jump out at you in the entire setup so I relied on this plant pot that I covered with gold contact paper to do that.

My initial plan was to have a big, giant piece of artwork as the headboard (which is why I had a bed with no headboard at all). While I do plan on doing that at some point in my life, in some space I live in, I just swerved towards having a lopsided piece of art to add some extra oomph. I think it’s unexpected and looks different and I’m glad I went with it.

I deliberately kept my nightstand not right next to the bed because of three reasons: a) I wanted the plant to be right next to me, it actually branches above my head while I’m sleeping which is a DREAM. b) Having the nightstand away from the bed feels unanticipated and I’m always up for the unanticipated. c) I actually like having to reach from my phone when the alarm rings in the morning, so I can actually wake up and not keep snoozing the life out of it.

This is N’s side of the bed and he wanted a very simple, minimal setup where he could trash his phone, tablet, multiple other pointless things that are as close to his heart as his future kids. We installed two IKEA shelves instead of getting a regular nightstand and I think they look sexy. He’s SUPER happy with them so the design-me is happy about delivering on aesthetic and practicality like a ninja.

I mean, of course, a green corner had to happen but you already knew that. I did this one for purely styling purposes a while ago but the one in this room is here to stay. Took an inexpensive shoe rack, assembled half of it and used as a plant stand.

Don’t miss the rest of the images in Part 2 which I’ve also uploaded today, YEAH.

Resource List:
Wall Paint: Jotun S-7020-B90G in Matte, Plants: Dubai Garden Centre, Bed: IKEA, Linen: From Lahore, Rug: IKEA, Frame above bed: IKEA, Cane Nightstand: Cane shop in Lahore, Wood Statue: Daiso, Stacked Books: DIYed (see here), Black & White Nightstand: IKEA Shelves, Buddhas: Koh Samui Thailand, Glass Vase: IKEA. Gold Plant Pot: Dubai Garden Centre, DIY-ed with gold contact paper, Ring Dish: Daiso, Dinosaur: Daiso, spray painted in gold. Plant Stand/Shoe Rack: Carrefour. 


  1. super stylish and unique, totally digging it. Although i will never never go as dramatic but loving the concept

  2. loving the concept, i will never go as dramatic when it comes to the bedroom itself. but drooling over the idea of transforming some other space like this once i have my own home :p love u btw

  3. Author

    Atiya: Just the fact that you called it awesome, major liking for you. And it's resting in the living room ๐Ÿ˜›
    Nihha: Thenkss ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Loooovee the green on the wall and the plants..
    The mirror and the black n white carpet is the added love ..for the love of this rooom.
    I like/love how you've hung the jewelry and those bags on your mirror. Perfect dramatic concept. Love it.
    The black n white shelf..AMAZING. Different and i love tht.

    The only thing i didn't like would be the hanging rug. Don't hateme for it pleaseeee..
    You love it. And its your room.. So love everything..
    Happppyy sleeping(:

  5. I am absolutely loving all the green color and green corners,so appealing to eyes โ™กโ™กโ™ก

  6. Killlllllleerrrrrrrrr. Wahhhh wahhhhh coming out of my mouth baar baar.

  7. Author

    Kashmala: How could I hate you for all those generous comments ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you!
    Fariha: Thenks ๐Ÿ˜€
    Beautorgeous: Thanks babe!
    Mikster: Haha. Thank yous.
    Fauzia: Shukriyaaaaa coming out of my heart baar baar.
    Sahr: Thanks sooo much ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Simple and Perfect ?????? A huge applause for you โค๏ธโค๏ธ i want your apartment now ? ALLAH apki kismat mai kre Aameen ! So creative ??

  9. lovely makeover………..simple and elegant!!!!

  10. wow what a transformation from the white walled room! inspiring!

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