Timeout: Alexa Chung’s Makeup Tutorial. And More.

Timeout: Alexa Chung’s Makeup Tutorial. And More.

#1. I’m actually stunned by how freakishly beautiful her skin is (and how unfair. I’m talking to you, God). This tutorial of her signature makeup look (on vimeo) is an easy, no-fuss look and even though I never color my eyelids, I’m going to try and steal that eyeliner shape and see if it can happen for me. Also, IMMEDIATELY buying that lipcolor and blush. Check out the tutorial on Lisa Eldrige’s site (on youtube) with the entire product list.

#2. 27 designers spill their go-to decorating secrets.

#3. Good Feud is AWESOME. And you’ll keep playing.


#4. Whoa. I did this chinese matchmaking thing randomly and cannot believe that my chinese zodiac is actually the most compatible with my husband’s! Always knew these guys were genius.

#5. 39 words that always end up being confusing. Personally hate about 6 of them.

Until next time.


  1. Hahah I am not at all compatible with my husband :O

  2. My husband and I are most compatible with each other too. Yay yay 😀

    Now I'm going to check all the other links. Haha

    – Maheen

  3. I'm least compatible with my fiancé-to-be :/
    I was already confused about him and it got me more confused 😮

  4. Author

    Marium: Of course, this guide is shit. All fun, no serious.

    p.s.If you're confused about him, assess general compatibility, don't go by something silly like this that only relies on birth dates 🙂

  5. Ugh I'm so over Alexa Chung's hype – I mean the girl is pretty and all but trendsetter she ain't. Every time I see her I don't want to copy her look, I want to take a comb to her hair! Lisa Alridge is a genius though, look her nude make up looks.
    I'm most compatible with my husband too but boo on me being the dragon and him being the rooster – I'm always the bigger thing! 🙁
    I'm bit unwell so Google Feud is going to be my new best friend this evening. Thank you!


  6. Author

    SSS: I'm completely with you on Alexa Chung, I want to fix her hair really bad as well, although she doesn't really care about it I guess so that's alright too. Although I had no idea she had such gorgeous skin. And at least you weren't the pig (which I am, hah!). Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I think the best best best time out post ever – every single one of them but the three favorites – the words the google feud and the chinese wisdom thing – btw my most conpatible personnresponse was also matching my husbands zodiac

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