Project Apartment: DIY Five Minute Bottle Vase

Project Apartment: DIY Five Minute Bottle Vase

A friend of mine gave me his giant stash of empty liqour bottles a couple of months ago and ever since I’ve been hoarding them in a corner planning their new life. While the majority of them now have their future destiny all mapped out, a few are still lying around, waiting for attention. I picked up this tequila bottle from that ambition-less group and decided it was going to be a vase. It’s the easiest thing you can do with your life and the end product is so sexy. So let’s talk about this very complex process of repurposing an empty alcohol bottle into a vase?

Get your empty bottle. I picked this tequila one because I loved the shape. I had an artificial plant lying around that I just did not like because it looks way too unreal. I was planning to throw it away but then realised I could chop it up and reuse in a couple of places in a way that it doesn’t look ugly anymore. You could also use dead branches or actual flowers if you’re committed like that.

Uncork it. Complicated but you can do this. Also, I didn’t throw away the cork because I think I want to reuse it someday. I soaked the bottle in soapy water as well for about a day until it smelled like a clean baby. I chose to keep the label because I liked that it added character. Next, snip off two stems from the artificial plant.

Plug the stems into the bottle – now vase – and you’re set. Nice and easy.

Until next time.


  1. Actually I'm glad you didn't do the typical paint job on it. Sooo sick of those. I love the original label too.

  2. don't know anyone who can get me a tequila bottle 🙁

  3. Good God! This is an actual blog post!

  4. thanks for the inspo! x eeman

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