Project Apartment: DIY Faux Bar Table

Project Apartment: DIY Faux Bar Table

I’m inventing a term: Faux Bar Table. It’s a term meant to service people like me who don’t drink but love the sex appeal of alcohol bottles and need to have them around to generally be happy individuals. And today I’m going to not only unleash this new term on the world but also generously explain how to realise this fantasy and consequently achieve nirvana.

Boys and girls, let’s start from the beginning.

Who remembers the day when I acquired a ginormous stash of empty alcohol bottles from a friend (one of which ended up like this vase)? I wanted to use them SO bad but inspiration was not hitting me. I didn’t want to paint them; the labels were too bloody pretty for that kind of a massacre and I didn’t want to venture into gimmicky; that would’ve been just cruel to their authenticity. Until one day it hit me. I’ve always loved the mini bar carts/tables that you see on home decor blogs but because I have zero utility for them, it wasn’t something I could possibly do, right? It was then that I thought, WHY NOT. So I brought all of those beauties out (there are still some left over so this is not the last you’re seeing of my stash).

Also, who remembers this guy that I bought about 8 months when I was at my last apartment? I’d picked him up from a closing-out sale and it’s about 30 years old. It had also been sitting around at my current place all this time so I brought him out too because it was time.

Next I picked up this folding table from Dubizzle (the Craigslist of Dubai). It was in great shape and ready for a new life. (Here’s a similar image of what it looks like standing up).

Then I painted it black. The table already had a finished surface so I used a paint + primer so that the paint doesn’t chip off and make me cry. I let it dry overnight. I didn’t use a seal on top because this faux bar table (I feel the term catching on) is in a low traffic zone and only for styling purposes so it’s not going to go through any wear and tear really; I’m only going to inappropriately stare at it for a few mins every day, that’s about it. If you feel the fear, seal it with a water-based polycrylic.
My next goal was to attach the suitcase to the top of the table. Now because I didn’t want to assassinate this beautiful, vintage suitcase, I used double stick tape on all corners of the table to accomplish that. I didn’t place the tape exactly ON the corners because it would show, so move it inwards.You could choose to screw through the suitcase bottom into the table top or some other sophisticated method. But just so you know the double stick tape is holding on like a MOTHER and I honestly couldn’t pull the suitcase back off (I tested). 

Before I stuck the suitcase onto the table top, I placed all the bottles inside the suitcase to figure out what arrangement I wanted. Once I knew where I wanted the sizes and colors to go, I removed the bottles (after noting down the order, of course).
I cleaned all dust off the suitcase and then stuck it onto the table top. And at this point, I wanted to just use it as a side-table because it looked so sexy but I told myself that the world needed to know about faux bar tables and that I needed to abandon this side-table idea for the greater good of mankind. (Also, I’ll go back to this in my next apartment).

Then I put all the empty bottles back in.

And just like that the FAUX BAR TABLE was ready, guys. Now while I have my imaginary glass of red wine, let’s check this out from all possible angles because that’s so important.

Until next time.


  1. You, Shehzeen, are a genius. Why are you not a high profile interior designer for a living? I would hire you in a heartbeat.

  2. I'm completely swooning over this. SO COOL.

  3. Oh my god – sexy doesn't even begin to describe this! I love the fact that you get these awesome creative ideas and you have the determination to pull them off so beautifully (a part of my home is a graveyard to abandoned DIY projects because I got overwhelmed/tried to kill someone in the process).
    I so want this in my life but since I am in Pakistan the thinly veiled 'haye-hayes' and the 'tauba-taubas' are going to be something to deal with πŸ™‚


  4. Other than the obvious awesomeness of this post – the bottles arrangement is spectacular – you are unbelievable

  5. So much love..with the right lightning imagine the kind of shadows/shades this would throw ! Wahhhh πŸ˜€

  6. Author

    Thank you erraybaady.

    Rasha: Thank you. You clearly are my favorite person today.
    Lareb: You are onto this. (Y)
    Scott: I apologise πŸ˜‰

  7. Wow Shehzeen – so many bottles. Genius. Wonder how you got them ya! :/

  8. I completely understand your appreciation/love for those bottles. The shapes, colors, and labels are a form of art in and of themselves. I suspect you also enjoy product packing (I do). The faux bar looks fabulous and I wish I had room for one in my apartment.

  9. This is really creative. Loved it! Would look amazing if you could add battery operated fairy lights in one of the bottles!:D

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