Five Must-Do Things In Koh Samui: #3 Fisherman’s Village Friday Night Market

Five Must-Do Things In Koh Samui: #3 Fisherman’s Village Friday Night Market

Here I am with Part 3 from Five Must-Do Things In Koh Samui. (Here are Part 12 & 4/5.)

Now if you go to this market on ANY day OTHER THAN Friday, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a cemetery. It will be dead, it will be quiet, and while you’ll still have access to lots of restaurants and shops, it won’t have the buzz and the energy that the night market has.

Plan this trip for a Friday.

And now let’s talk about why.

Fisherman’s Village’s got a bunch of restaurants and shops that you can casually stroll or drive through for a quiet evening out on just about any day. But on Fridays, the entire place transforms into a buzzing walking street. No cars allowed. 

Vendors pull out stalls onto the road for just about everything. Clothes, bags, shoes, souvenirs, food. You name it, it’s there. And of course, dirt cheap.

The energy in this place is truly electric. There’s music everywhere, even playing live in some places, lots of people but not the push-and-shove kind of atmosphere and tons to look at.

You’ll find different prices for the same thing in multiple shops so take your time, scout the area and then shop. It’s not a huge place anyway so you won’t be dead by the time you’re done.

I was obsessed with the tiny Buddhas. And you could find them in every possible size and posture. 

I’m not a pervert. The Thai consider this holy and they’re everywhere. So I can’t be blamed for any of this.

I really should’ve brought one of these home.

Also really liked these guys. 

Jewellery, anyone?

I may have left my heart with these monkeys.

Other than the window-shopping, you can have lots of finger food all over the place, while you look around.

The options were multiple, I just wasn’t so sure I wanted to try all of them. Corn cobs are a yes, though.

Like I said, the vibe of this place is fantastic. There’s music and the constant chatter of people. I usually don’t enjoy crowded places, but an appropriately crowded market gets a thumbs up from me.

I do want you to know that I checked out other famous night markets in Samui as well, but they didn’t even come close to this one.

I mean, it had these surprises around every corner. Like this.

And this.

There were a bunch of bars, pubs, mini restaurants that you could get food and drinks from. And then there were these proper sit-down restaurants as well. These were next to the beach so some fire performances (or something) were also happening that you could check out if you ate with them.

What I loved was how each restaurant had so much character. This place had an open grill, the guy was making steaks right there where you see him.

The Friday Night Market happens every week between 5-10 pm (but reconfirm with your hotel) and it’s a must, must do, guys.

You can easily spend 2-3 hours here and you’d have checked out the entire place at a very relaxed pace. It’s the perfect thing to do at night in Samui.

It’s clean, it’s lively, I would’ve definitely gone back for a second round if I’d stayed another Friday in Samui.

How I’d recommend ending your night? There’s a small beach bar at the very end of the street with bean bags and beds right on the sand. Just enter the night market, walk till the end, take a left and then again walk till the end. You should see it. I’ve unfortunately forgotten the name but my directions are bullet proof, so you’ll find it if you really want to.

Husband and I actually came here three nights in a row because they were airing the Football Worldcup right on the beach and it was just too perfect a way to end your day.

Directions: You can find the Fisherman’s Village Night Market in Bo Phut. It’s on Google Maps and you can easily drive there. Or if you don’t have a car or scooty, any and every cab driver will know it. If you drive there, there’s a parking area on the right side of the entrance where they charge a very small amount to keep your vehicle there. Enjoy, please.

Until next time.


  1. Loving this too much ! Also following literally in footsteps and going to Koh Samui in 10 days 😀 I'm hoping all the 6 posts will be out by then !

  2. Author

    Lareb: Wow! I'm jealous. Okay I'm going to give you some food tips separately too. Hope you have a great time. Will look out for pics.

  3. My comment didn't publish the last time so here I go again:

    Wow, I've spotted atleast a dozen things I'd like to buy from the stall pictures (the james dean pop art is love) and the restaurants and bookshops are gripping my heart. I don't know how, I don't know when, but Samui is definitely happening in my life and hopefully sometime soon. Thank you so much for sharing your travels!

    PS: I don't care if it makes me sound immature but I snort laughed at the penis statues – not as evolved as I'd like to think I am, apparently.

  4. Author

    Anon: I brought back pictures, how mature am I 😉 And you'll get to Samui soon, or somewhere better. Until then, travel virtually. I'm in Italy right now! (mentally)

  5. What nice creative interesting stuff man I feel its more u than koh samui that's making me want to go there hahaha

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