DIY Book Page Wallpaper

DIY Book Page Wallpaper

I love a home with personality and I absolutely love having a disproportionate amount of things that I’ve improvised on/constructed myself at my place. In fact, if I had all the time in the world, I’d probably even make all the furniture for my house (I could be in need of therapy).

I don’t like big budget solutions (unless someone hands them to me, in which case I am happy to possess) and I like an eclectic vibe more than anything. I did this wallpaper solution in my living room a year ago (or maybe more?) and I almost love it as much as some of my close friends.

It’s easy, quick (kind of), inexpensive and most of all super impactful. And I am willing to share the wisdom on it.

So all I takes is an old book (that was already ripped so I didn’t commit any literature crimes), some wallpaper paste and a slight inclination towards wanting to kill yourself (this WILL result in muscle pain).

I started from the extreme bottom-left corner of the wall, took my book pages, slathered wallpaper paste behind each, and started going up vertically. Because the pages were all one size, it didn’t really take a super-human effort to keep the columns straight. But if I had had a laser level, I probably would’ve done this faster versus eyeballing it.
I trimmed off excess pages at the top of the wall once it was dry – I tried doing it when it was wet and I ripped the page like a mother. Not the way to go at all.

It’s a major bang for your buck kind of thing. Just hold your hand over your heart and promise yourself you’ll grant yourself an ice cream at the end of it. This took me 2 days to finish (4 hours everyday). A worthwhile use of your weekend, in my opinion.

Have seriously considered listing this on my resume as one of the biggest projects delivered over my career.
I like myself so much more every time I see it. 
Update: So I had to say goodbye to this wall when I switched apartments, and for those worried about how painful it would be to get the pages off, here’s an image from when I tried to do just that. Threw water on a test patch and the pages peeled right off, with the wall still in super sexy shape. I used regular wallpaper paste so as long as you don’t use an industrial grade sealant, you should be fine. It held up SO well for the two years I had it and then came off like a dream.

Would you do it? Until next time.


  1. YAY! I've been looking for this post. Thank you for bringing it back. It's gorgeous! #ZombiePost

  2. Author

    Haha. I know, I've been meaning to put it back up since some time. Also, being the genius that I am, I deleted other DIY posts too :/ #ComingSoon

  3. Author

    Completely forgotten. You know, one of those books that no one's read at your house and no one knows why it's there?

  4. Impressive! One of the very few DIY posts that I loved reading and actually getting inspired.Way to go!!

  5. Great wall! But those plants. Yikes!

  6. Mannn.. It just can't get better than this.. Soo obsessed with this wall of ures and the effort is mind-blowing

  7. Wow! Looks great. I can't even imagine how sore you must have been! Thanks so much for linking up with us at The Makers. 🙂

  8. Totally doing this. Debating between Harry Potter and the Narnia books. But I know Kay wanted to do this too .. the race is on!

  9. The wallpaper background is perfect for that map. Love the frame. And Nigar you can do it lol. Your room is my room anyway 😉

  10. Loving it! I'm thinking it would look great in my sewing workroom with old sewing magazine pages

  11. Ingenious! Must have been heart breaking to peel it off 🙁

  12. Love this post. Where did you get the frame from? I have the same map but since it's quite thick, a regular frame won't do.

  13. um-muh-guwd
    this one easily wins the 'best DIY project of the decade'. I am totally smitten by your talent.
    p.s why didnt i read it earlier?

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