You guys. I do love the posts I create, because after all I wouldn’t be putting something out there for everyone’s consumption if I didn’t have a liking for it. BUT. This tablescape that I’m doing for this year’s iftar/Eid scene is hands down one of my most favorite posts ever.Read More →

Last week I shared our baby tradition of exchanging simple gifts with close friends over Eid and while writing that post I had the sudden urge to do an Eid gift guide as well, so here I am. I’ve pulled together ten ideas for potential Eid gifts, all simple and super affordable, thatRead More →

Hey guys, that’s me and a baby polar bear just hanging out exchanging cuddles and pappis. So, my baby niece came into the world back in February and changed our family’s lives (really, it’s insane what she’s doing to us emotionally on a daily basis). I spent about a month with her, justRead More →

This weekend is our wedding anniversary and I’m feeling sappy vibes. Grand celebration plans include repeated ‘happy anniversary’ wishing all throughout the day and some chilled out conversation around our life together so far (reminiscing is the best?). I hope we can get one picture in together but it’s Ramzan and at least one of us inRead More →

I know with the kind of world we live in, girl topics absolutely need more airtime. Whoever feels that all of that is overdone, it’s just your privilege or ego speaking for you; if you let them back down, your heart and mind will soften towards the criticality of theseRead More →