Found a brown eyeliner deep in my makeup section two days ago. Immediately put it on (Urban Decay 24/7 something, don’t really love it, but it was good for a random one-off thing). Currently heading out for a day of some crazy eating after a couple of weeks of (relatively) clean eatingRead More →

This is the story of a new family member/a sort-of surprise gift/what you call the best home speaker ever. A couple of weekends ago, Nabeel asked to go to an electronics store just to ‘check out stuff’. That’s his version of going to a candy store and I understand how magicalRead More →

Sometimes, I’ve posted the games I play with friends (party games, basically) on Snapchat and have gotten so many questions around them that I thought I’d do a post on it (sometimes I don’t Snap while playing for the same reason, on days I don’t feel like giving too many details lulz, sooory). These are games that areRead More →

Had such a great start to the weekend – there’s absolutely nothing better for me than getting up early, catching breakfast with friends, sorting out chores and then being back home by lunch with nothing on my agenda except practicing different positions to bum around on the couch. I went a tiny bit shoppingRead More →

Currently hanging out on the couch, sipping green tea and watching a movie in the background. It’s 11:30 pm and Nabeel’s finishing up some work on his PC so I thought I’d do the final touches on this post too. I got this top (it’s actually a dress) from Shein and pairedRead More →