Oh hey, awesome cushions that I must have immediately. I instantly fell in love with these super quirky cushions by Karafuru that you, me and our friends need to have urgently. They’re beautifully handpainted and have people doing all kinds of everyday stuff on them: hanging on a bench, sipping chai, havingRead More →

Majorly salivating all over my laptop right now. Discovered these 100% pure pashminas by Cashmere Shawls and cannot stop thinking about them. They are SO gorgeous and so thoughtfully made, I was an instant fan. Cashmere Shawls is a newly started, tiny business that produces beautiful shawls (you’ve GOT to see all their designs) at suchRead More →

I found this desi wedding planner by The Wedding Planit very randomly a few days ago and flipped because it’s SO FABOOLUSS. Other than the fact that it looks like the most fun thing to fill out, it actually feels pretty practical too. It’s got different tabs for things likeRead More →