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We had such a fab time with Nabeel's family visiting the last couple of weeks. His niece and nephew are incredibly amazing and we had a blast doing a bunch of things with him at home and out. They left a day before and now I'm SO excited to just chill out. I haven't really had a low-key weekend in a few weeks, there's always been some work project to do or family time. This is the first weekend I get to do absolutely nothing and it's borderline thrilling. Just did my workout (trying to be better), cleaned up my place a bit, put on the diffuser, did some laundry and some Friday self-pampering rituals. Now going to make banana pancakes (the fake 2-ingredient ones I used to show on Snap, also here) and have some chai. If you need me, I'll be right here lying horizontally on my couch for the foreseeable future, thanks. // Picture above from Nabeel's niece's birthday at the park.

The 'love' pin they gave to everyone at the Coldplay concert last weekend.

The amazing Zombie blast ride at Motion Gate last weekend. Nabeel and I went together at the end of the day so it was dark by then and the whole place was lit up; it was just amazing to see it all from that height and I was legit high on it for a few days. I can't wait to go back (not sure when that would be). It's one of the two adult rides at the theme park and so, so awesome.

When friends are more awesome than usual. On our morning walk/jog at the park these days, I just casually told Shehla that I was out of perfume and needed to get a new one. A couple of days later, she handed me this in a bag. ILOVEHER.

Always excited about tea and just got my hands on this ginger & rose one from Rituals. Tonight is the night I break it in. If I love it, I'll tell you and keep snapping it till you say bas (but I won't stop).

If anything brightened your week or there's something you're looking forward to for the weekend, I'd love to know. Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. My BFF got married and we are finally done with all the functions YAASS - it has been an incredibly happy week with friends and family. but now a weekend to do absolutely nothing - I am in the attempts to wean myself off social media, deleted facebook and twitter off phone and turning traffic time into reading time and it is doing wonders for my brain <3

    anyhoo, that roller coaster looks amazeballs and i wanna try it nowww

    1. I saw the pictures, you looked great! And the social media thing is awesome. Before I started the blog, I didn't have social media on my phone, I'd only check on my pc at night. It's the best. *High five*

  2. Awesome! Try jasmine gold by Ronnefeldt, it's amazing. Someone must have shared my Italy travel diaries post somewhere that I am getting traffic like no other. That is probably what brightened my week!

  3. These Friday posts are always super relaxing. You are certainly one of my favorite bloggers. Keep doing what you are doing. You are truly a kick-ass inspiration.

  4. Dying to be on the zombie ride right nowwww