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We have a 'Goodbye Braces' party at our place today for our friend, Shehla. She's eaten restrictively because of the braces for nearly two years so we're very ready to  celebrate. I've done a tiny setup in our living room and am much excited about a fun afternoon. Also, new chai-drinking mugs have been sourced. After months of using broken mugs and facing one online purchase fail, we've managed to add new members to our family. We did have such solid colored mugs before, but every chai-lover knows that the mugs need to be of a particular nature to truly enjoy the experience and those ones just didn't fit the requirements (we use them for coffee/green tea). I got these from Mood at Mall of the Emirates and they have the right rim for sipping chai, the inside is white (very important) and the size is perfect. They're still not my dream mugs (there is such a thing) but they're close enough. Now after this obnoxiously long rant on drinkware, you can check out the rest of the post.

Wearing a graphic bandaid will always be a moment for me. Hi, Joker.

Usual breakfast these days. Natural peanut butter on wholegrain toast with some organic honey and flax seed powder. With a side of chai and a peeking kitty.

I don't like putting magnets on my fridge but these ones I got from Australia felt like they had come home. I've had these up for a while but I 'noticed' them again this week and they made me smile so I photographed them. It's so nice to rediscover what you already own.

Party preps at night with Nabeel.

If anything brightened your week or there's something you're looking forward to for the weekend, I'd love to know. Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. I am looking forward to reading and making my own granola this weekend yusss. i also got zucchini and avocado so looking forward to trying some new recipes. Amna said why dont you knit as well given how you re such a grandma BUT i dont care LOL

    Anyway, love how you make chai drinking a ritual. i have like a blekh mug i drink so maybe I should make it more of an experience ha <3

    1. Haha no wonder we like each other since I entered my retirement age at 15. Those things sound VERY exciting to me :P

  2. Ur sooo right about chai mugs. Even I keep buying them but still haven't found the dream mug. Although the one I adored absolutely was broken by my very own hands with in three months :/ qnd my mother was like "shukar hy is sy khud toota" dekhain zara :|

  3. I love everything you buy literally. Why are you so good at everything (I feel ashamed of myself sometimes)

  4. I hope you are going to retire your black & white mug of yours into a honorary chai mug hall of fame! I had it too and it was one of a kind (we only had one so it literally was one of a kind :p)
    P.s. check Clayworks in Pakistan. They have lots of different styles; with handle or without handle. Small, Medium, Large. Design, No Design. Only locals understand Chai kay mug with the same intensity.

  5. i want to hurt myself for this band aid. Please save some for me!!

  6. The new mugs and magnets look really good, Shehzeen :)