Timeout: The Best Nude Lipcolors For Every Skintone. And More.

Monday, August 22, 2016 The Desi Wonder Woman 3 Comments

1. My struggle with most nude shades I've picked up is that I look super washed out in them. This article sounds pretty perfect for how to find the right one for South Asian skintones. Also, check out these drugstore nude shades that look great.

2. I don't do off-shoulder but if you're into them, then this one (and many others) on Zaful are so great. And so freaking cheap.

3. Such gorgeous DIY painted baskets. WANT ONE.

4. Pretty sure you haven't seen this before: A Japanese restaurant serves noodles in ice bowls. Yup.

5. AMAZING 4 minute video that shows what releasing 12 wolves into a park did. We've got to remember we're all connected to each other and must take care of this planet.

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  1. Locally Color Studio has come up with this nude range Colorplay & their shades 114,115,116 are pretty good too.

  2. Thankyou...got my MAC nude muwahhh
    Wonderwoman plzz a blog piece on skin care routine. Heard so much abt natural lush productd n korean skin care but a concrete review on these wud be much helpful.
    Thankyou love you

  3. I jus absolutely loveddd the wolves video. So out of the box. Thanks dww